You’ve graduated! Congratulations to our March 2015 cohort of Nurse Residents.

You’ve graduated! Congratulations to our March 2015 cohort of Nurse Residents.

In photo above, from left to right: Karmell Wilson (SCU), Erin Keavney (GSU), Wilfredo Bueno (IV Therapy), Sara Bragg (NICU), Stephanie Gardner (NCU), Paula Notrica (ONC), Catherine Herman (JSU), Ashley Cullen (HVU), Tiffanie France (CCU), and CNO Barbara Jacobs. Not pictured: Laura Goodman (ED)

These very special nurse graduates started their Nurse Residency in March 2015. They celebrated their accomplishments over the last year at their graduation ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 10, surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, and unit leadership. Barbara Jacobs, AAMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, congratulated each of them as she read encouraging words from their units. Each received a certificate, pin, and a small tree seedling, symbolizing the growth they will achieve throughout their nursing career.

Here’s what each unit had to say about their Nurse Resident: 

Sara Bragg               


NICU Sara is an excellent addition to our NICU team! She continuously seeks out new learning experiences with a big smile and she has been a great team player, highly spirited and continuously prepares for her adventures in patient care! She is very eager to learn and is a quick learner. Sara is compassionate, dedicated, committed to patient family centered care model, helpful and willing to take on any challenge. She knows where her resources are and is quick to use them when needed. She has a bright future in the NICU and she will continue to shine!
Wilfredo Bueno HVU Wil is a determined new grad. He strives to understand policies and procedures. He always brings ideas and suggestions to our daily huddles; he was even our mobility champion. Wil has already grown in his profession by using his phlebotomy skills as a new nurse with the IV team Congratulations! We already miss him on HVU!
Ashley Cullen              HVU Ashley works diligently every shift, and she is a team player through and through. When she was first off orientation, she flip-flopped between day shift and night shift to help with staffing needs. For a new graduate, she has a great ability to critically think and manage difficult patients and situations. She is an asset!
Stephanie Gardner              NCU Stephanie Donohue joined our NCU as a young, enthusiastic and newly engaged graduate nurse. She is still young and enthusiastic, but accomplished planning a wedding and getting married during her new graduate residency year and has become Stephanie Gardner! Stephanie has brought great sensitivity, compassion, and patient advocacy to her patient care. She is known for her kind and timely words to her patients and their families. Stephanie has also become a regular member of the unit based Quality Council, volunteered for several unit improvement projects and most recently became the NCU Patient Satisfaction Representative. We are so happy to have Stephanie, a vital part of our unit.
Paula Notrica Oncology Paula has been a wonderful addition to the oncology unit team. Paula is a very empathetic and caring nurse, who has learned the great art of patient advocacy. She has had an exciting year, full of growth and major life changes; not only did Paula become a new nurse and grow by leaps and bounds, but she also became a new mother of a darling baby boy. We have truly enjoyed watching Paula grow and are happy to have as part of the oncology unit family.
Tiffanie France  CCU Tiffanie started on CCU as a student with AACC. In those short few months Tiffanie left such an impression on our staff that they rallied to bring her on board as a new grad. Once on board she coasted through her orientation seemingly effortlessly. Behind the scenes she worked to improve her knowledge and critical thinking skills. She is a rookie in name only as she has proven to be an asset to our unit. As a bedside nurse, she seeks learning opportunities and is functioning extremely well as a new CCU nurse. That is not to say that she knows everything but rather that she knows how to reach out to her resources, ask questions, and think through the issues that arise and most of all she is not afraid to be challenged. She is currently on the CAUTI task force and is working with infection control and the house-wide quality committee to identify variables that contribute to CAUTI. The icing on the cake is Tiffanie is currently working on her bachelor’s degree.
Catherine Herman JSU          Cathy has been a wonderful, positive asset to the Joint and Spine Unit. Her excitement for education and interest to organizational and unit initiatives are refreshing. She jumped at the chance to become a super user for our new IV pump roll out. Cathy has also taken a keen interest in bedside shirt report and will be one of our coaches; she took this one step further by speaking on this very topic at our recent Grand Rounds. We are very proud of Cathy and are thankful she has chosen JSC to begin in the nursing profession.
Laura Goodman ED Laura became a nurse after many years serving her community as a social worker. Laura’s dedication to her patient’s was evident on day one. Not only was Laura committed to learning her new role as a RN, she was dedicated to becoming an excellent RN. Laura has created a fantastic balance between the compassion and dedication which is needed to be an ED nurse and the skills she has as social worker. As a result, Laura is a compassionate, thoughtful, honest, dedicated, enthusiastic nurse who consistently goes above and beyond what is required, expected or necessary to provide excellent care for her patients.
Erin Keavney GSU Erin has a great attitude and always willing to help, she’s independent, has a positive attitude and a pleasure to work with. Erin has shown incredible growth in the last year. She is good with handling difficult and challenging patients. Erin willingly accepts her assignment without complaints and she’s a team player. Welcome to GSU, we are glad you are a part of our team!
Allison Bullock SCU Special Care is so lucky
We have many bright staff on our list
And just when we think we couldn’t be any luckier
We have two more New Grads in our midstTo work in Special Care
Having certain characteristics can be a credit
When we learned Allison is the adventurous type
We knew she would be the best New Grad yet.Her learning was swift and sure
She was part of the gang from the start
But the very best part of Allison
Is what comes from her heart

She takes good care of her patients
She is a helpful hand to all
From every part of patient care
No request too great or small

Surely Allison could do the job
Her personality already showed
We knew from the start she was the one
Because she climbed Kilimanjaro!

And don’t think that any accomplishment
Would ever be out of her reach
Even as I write this
She is lying on a Thailand beach!

Karmell Wilson SCU When I think back on the first time I met Karmell
Sparkles and glitter comes to mind
I saw her long batting eyelashes
I thought pink fuzzy pens can’t be far behindBut as sweet and fun as Karmell is
She is just as tough and smart
And everything that she does
Comes straight from her heartAnyone who was there the day
Karmell rushed to her patient’s aid
She stopped short around the corner
To hide the panicked look upon her face

And with a finger to her dimple
She coyly asked “just to clarify”……
After the rapid response was over
We laughed so much we almost cried

And while we are speaking of crying
Guess who showed up on Karmell first shift alone?
The State! They tried to grill her
But Karmell held her own

We were nervous of her
But we didn’t need to be
Karmell was calm as a cucumber
At least from what we could see

Welcome to Special Care, Karmell
We didn’t have a clue
We could be so lucky
To have a New Grad like you!


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