What’s it like to join the PCT Clinical Ladder? Vanisha Franklin shares her story.

What’s it like to join the PCT Clinical Ladder? Vanisha Franklin shares her story.

I sat in the lobby waiting for the invitation to come and sit before the Board. Did I do this correctly? What can I talk about for 15 minutes?  After this, then what?  I WAS SO NERVOUS!             

18137With sweaty palms and a shaky voice, I went in and sat before six men and women and presented my efforts. After waiting (and trying to decipher the chatter from the other side of the door), Justin Bowser, one of the board members, came out with a grin, “Congratulations, Vanisha! You did great.” What a sigh of relief!

I went back to my unit to tell all of my PCT friends about my experience and was immediately riddled with dozens of questions. Most frequently, they wanted to know about the benefits, besides the bonus, they could expect after joining the clinical ladder.

I must admit, I had the same questions. I mean, money is nice, but are there other perks for all of this hard work? I knew in my mind the long term benefits, but I reached out to my educator, Mary Cohn, to see if we had the same ideas. We did.

To me, joining the Clinical Ladder is a way to remain engaged in an organization that I believe in. I want to be on committees so that I can have first-hand knowledge of the happenings around the hospital. I want to complete the education presentations because, while it gets me clinical ladder points, the real benefit is in the knowledge that will make me a greater asset to AAMC. In addition, when it’s time for the yearly evaluation, how could you not do well if you have completed the clinical ladder process? There are so many things in the criteria that will help you to develop your professional portfolio; it would be extremely hard not to be a better tech afterwards.

Since being accepted onto the Clinical Ladder, I have been asked to join the Clinical Ladder board and several of my PCT colleagues have asked me to help them with their portfolio. Want another perk? You get to be a shining star on your unit and others look to you for help. This Ladder is like the gift that keeps on giving. If I am able to help a co-worker get on the Ladder, they in turn become a better professional and they may go on to help someone else do the same. It’s always a winning situation!  Another benefit of joining the Clinical Ladder is that it is a great resume booster. Whether you transfer to another unit or decide to explore opportunities in another area, the Clinical Ladder experience is sure to catch the eye of upper management.

I really take pride in my new status as a PCT III, mainly because it is a reflection of my hard work and dedication. It makes me want to do more to advance my career, such as finish school. I am glad to know that my work is recognized in an official capacity and that I am a part of an elite group with a powerful voice.

If you were thinking about joining the Clinical Ladder, I encourage you to give it a try! It’s not as hard as you might imagine and the rewards are endless. My offer to help extends beyond my unit, so please feel free to reach out! For information on the next set of sessions in October, please contact Beth Coolahan at bcoolahan@aahs.org for more information. I’ll see you all on the Ladder!

-Vanisha Franklin, PCT III, 4 Medical


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