What’s all the buzz about Bedside Shift Report?

What’s all the buzz about Bedside Shift Report?

Over the past few weeks, AAMC nurses have attended Bedside Shift Report (BSR) re-education classes. Why the need for education on BSR? What’s different? We are standardizing BSR across the hospital, promoting patient safety and quality care by:  emphasizing patient and family engagement; addressing pain first; including a formal closing involving white board updating, goal setting, and setting expectations; and training our nurses to handle special circumstances surrounding BSR. All of this helps us to have a safer handoff of care, while engaging the patient and family.

As a leader in providing patient- and family-centered care, AAMC has an active patient advisor group whose help has been instrumental on this BSR journey. They have shared with us that patients want to be involved in BSR – they even want to be woken up, if necessary! They tell us that patients feel safer after participating in BSR.

There are many benefits for the nurse as well, including improved teamwork, greater accountability between nurses, faster reports, and decreased patient call bell use.


Patient Advisor, Randy Smith, shares with hospital leadership the importance of BSR from the patient’s perspective.

The new standardized BSR roll out is Monday, March 21. There are approximately 150 BSR nurse coaches throughout the hospital that will be helping with the roll out and the sign-offs over the coming weeks. These coaches include staff nurses, educators, charge nurses, managers, directors, and even our chief nursing officer, Barbara Jacobs!

After attending BSR training, here are some of the comments we received from our nurses:

  • -“The class made me realize the importance of bedside shift report!”
  • -“Most patients want to be woken up for report!”
  • -“Seeing the patient’s perception of bedside shift report”
  • -“Talk with the patient, not about them”
  • -“Address pain first”

This is an exciting time at AAMC and nurses are leading the way to safer patient care! Bedside Shift Report is an “always event” at AAMC.  -Jessalyn Barbour, MSN, RN, OCN

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