Using music as medicine on the ACE Unit

Using music as medicine on the ACE Unit

There’s no question that music can help shift a person’s mood, calm stress-induced agitation, and stimulate positive interactions. And patients with dementia often respond well to music they are familiar with or music that brings back pleasant memories.

The staff on the ACE Unit often use music with their patients. Listening to music “helps to soothe them and decreases any anxiety,” says Devra Cockerille, MSN, RN, the charge nurse on ACE.

ACE staff would often use their phones to play music for their patients, but couldn’t leave them at the bedside. Darlene Riddle, RN, had an innovative idea to use the WOW to pull up YouTube to play the music. Lisa Brown-Hoff, RT, saw her doing this and donated a tablet to be used for this purpose on ACE.

“This is a great collaboration of departments to improve patient experience!” said Devra. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Darlene and Lisa, for caring for our patients so well.


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