The Annual Nurses Week Video Challenge is underway!

The Annual Nurses Week Video Challenge is underway!

For this year’s video submission:

  1. Tell a story of improving quality with special consideration around sepsis
  2. Include a favorite song from the past or a current top hit
  3. Make sure to include the AAMC lantern (spatula, lacrosse stick or other likenesses count)
  4. Special bonus points for creative reference to the Oscars or Hollywood


  1. Only staff can be in the video. No patients, visitors, or family members, please.
  2. Videos cannot be longer than two minutes in length.
  3. A panel of judges will select the finalists, which will be shown at the Nurses Dinner during Nurses Week.
  4. Save videos on a flash drive or disk in a Windows Media Player (.wmp) format and submit to Jane Lucia ( in Nursing Administration by Friday, April 22, 2016.
  5. Send questions to Monica Mewshaw at

Signs & Symptoms of Sepsis:


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