The AAMC Farmers Market returns Friday, June 2! Read about what’s new…

The AAMC Farmers Market returns Friday, June 2! Read about what’s new…

The AAMC Farmers Market returns Friday, June 2! Purchase fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables every Friday through October 27 in the Southport between 10:30am-1:30pm. And while many things remain unchanged, we have some exciting new additions. The AAMC Farmers Market:

  • -welcomes two new farmers, one whom offers a CSA
  • -now accepts credit cards, employee badge swipe, cash and SNAP payments (one of only two markets in our county)
  • -encourages a sense of stewardship and personal responsibility for the environment and promotes litter prevention by selling reusable AAMC totes
  • -and, on opening day, June 2, the South River Federation will provide education about plastics in our waterways and its effects on health. They have graciously purchased 100 reusable totes from us and will be giving them away throughout the day.

Here is more info about our Farmers Market vendors:

Diehl’s Produce
Opened in 1971Diehl’s Produce is a family affair.   Patriarch Doug Diehl, daughter Jennifer and granddaughter Madeline run the Severna Park stand and daughter Abby carries on the family name by operating her own Diehl’s Produce of Annapolis, Edgewater and the AAMC market.  April through October selling local quality produce and plants seasonally.

H & H Farm
Linda Quattrociocchi and her husband, Mike, began farming bees in 2003 on their 50-acre H & H Farm in Brandywine. Her raw honey won second place at the 2016 Maryland State Honey Show and is available at our farmers market. Also selling tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and potatoes at their stand. Linda and Mike plant organic seeds and practice pesticide-and neonicotinoid-free farming.

Priapi Gardens
USDA Certified Organic Produce and AAMC CSA. Quality, community and ecology are our core values.  We are all part of this fragile ecosystem we call Earth. What we do in our lives has a direct effect on our environment. Our close proximity to the largest estuary in the United States, the Chesapeake Bay, makes us ever conscious of this fact. As stewards of the environment, our goal is to grow and market the finest quality plants possible while being ever aware of preserving our ecosystem and its natural resources.  In our production practices, we use virtually no pesticides. This eliminates exposing our employees and most importantly, our customers to pesticides. We call this approach “Bay Friendly” as it also protects the Chesapeake Bay. We recycle all of our irrigation water through our catch pond which limits the amount of nutrients escaping into the Bay.

Bill Doepkens Flowers 
Doepkens Farm in rural Anne Arundel County, Maryland began many years ago as a tobacco farm. In 1992, owner and operator Bill Doepkens began making the transition from tobacco to ornamental flowers, gourds and fresh eggs. Today, Doepkens is a working family farm that specializes in chrysanthemums and has gained wide attention for its stunning giant murals made of flowering mums.

-Laura Tenner, Sustainability Associate

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