Nursing Councils Report for August

Nursing Councils Report for August

Nursing Research Evidence-Based Practice Council
Chair: Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN
Co-Chair: Cheryl Briggs, BSN, RN

  • Reviewed and approved extension for FY2015 Bedside Scientist Kelsey McNeeley, BSN, RN, who is investigating the use of the CARE Cart in CCU.
  • Reviewed and approved multi-site research study titled, “Making the case for nurse residency programs,” in which Mary Beth Tubiolo, MSN, RN,  will act as AAMC site coordinator.
  • Worked in collaboration with the Communications Initiative and Public Relations to create an online form where nursing and clinical support staff can report out on their scholarly activities, such as publications and poster presentations.
  • Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN, presented education on the differences between research and quality and provided an introduction to the Iowa Model of EBP.
  • Bedside Scientist grants are funded throughout the year. Please contact Cathaleen Ley at for more information.

Nursing Quality Council
Chair: Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN
Co-Chair: Lauren Stylc, RN

  • IV Pumps
    • Tentative go-live for new pumps is 10/26/15.
    • Mandatory staff education will take place a week prior. Estimated time for training is 1.5-2 hours.
  • Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI)
    • One CLABSI was reported in July. All CLABSI are reviewed by the CLABSI Prevention Committee.
  • Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI)
    • There were no reported CAUTIs in June.
    • CCU and some additional patient care units are preparing educational packets for staff for more concentrated learning on CAUTI prevention.
  • Insulin Pens Re-use
    • Insulin Pen re-use is a concern that was initially addressed in the Journal Club by the Diabetes Educators and later bought forth to the Medication Safety Committee to address actions.
    • Insulin pen re-use places individuals at risk for infections with pathogens including hepatitis viruses and HIV and must never be used on more than one person.
    • More to come from Infection Control and Risk Management on this.
  • Chemical Restraints
    • Changes went live for restraint ordering and documenting on September 1, 2015.
    • A restraint includes both manual and chemical (medications) that reduces the ability of  a patient.
    • Practice Alert sent out to all nursing staff by Sherry Perkins which addresses restraint categories, restraint orders, nursing documentation, decision to use restraints, and restraint requirements.

Professional Nurse Council
Chair: Carrie Jackson, MSN, RN
Co-Chair: Daniel Shields, RN
Initiatives: SNAC, Diversity/Advocacy, Community, COPE

  • Restraints: Education regarding the new policy on restraints was provided Sharolyn Bush, Clinical Director, Special Care. PNC members will serve as the voice of nursing to provide feedback and to be champions of education on their units.
  • Wellbeing Survey: Julie McGovern, Vice President, Human Resources, presented the results of the Wellbeing Survey and sought input from PNC representative on enhancing the wellbeing of the staff. Members were invited to participate in the Wellbeing task forces to help shape the initiatives. PNC members were challenged with the development of the Wellbeing action plans.
  • Weekend Shifts: Nursing is exploring weekend shift coverage and the number of weekends worked by staff. Sherry Perkins, COO/CNO, shared plans that are being evaluated. PNC members along with the charge nurses, will help determine the consecutive days that will make up the weekend shift  for the purposes of special weekend staffing coverage.
  • MNA Nurses Lobby Night: Save the date for February 15, 2016. More education and information forthcoming.
  • COPE Initiative Update: COPE responded to two calls in August. The COPE team will provide education to any unit that would like to know more about COPE and the services they offer. Contact Carol Lacher at 443-481-4331 for more information.

Clinical Education Council
Chair:  Melody Kennedy, BSN, RN
Co-Chair: Gena Kosmides, BSN, RN
Initiatives: Professional Development

  • Foley insertion reminder: use castile wipes and sterile gloves to help prevent CAUTI.
  • Reviewed chemical restraint changes and expectations with orders/order sets. See the practice alert posted on your unit or ask your educator for information.
  • Reviewed the 4PTS reporting system updates.

Interdisciplinary Informatics Council
Chair: Bill Moore, BSN, RN
Co-Chair: Jennifer Dupre, MSN, RN

  • Restraint Documentation changes: Changes to the clinical documentation have been made to include Chemical Restraints. These changes went live on September 1, 2015.
  • New INTRANET is live: The new AAMC intranet officially went live in July. Please send all feedback to the IS Help Desk, x5202.

Clinical Practice Council
Chair: Tina Andersen, BSN, RN
Co-Chair: Denise Matteson, BSN, RN, CAPA

  • CPC approved the following policies to move on to the Hospital Policy Review Committee (HPRC):
    • High Alert medications – JC requirement for policy on high alert medication management and safety strategies
    • Intravenous Final Filters- 3 year review; includes list of meds that require final filters
    • Sound-Alike Look-Alike (SALA) medications- JC requirement for policy on SALA medication management and safety strategies
    • Anticoagulation medications- revised to reflect current practice
    • Radiation Oncology Initial Nursing Assessment- 3 year review, minimal changes to reflect current practice
    • Radiation Oncology Patient and Family Education- 3 year review, minimal changes to reflect current practice
    • Cumulative Lifetime Doses, Chemotherapy– 3 year review, no content changes (pending P&T approval)
    • Standard Reference for Nutritional Care–  3 year review, minimal changes (pending P&T approval)
  • CPC approved to RETIRE the following policy:
    • SNP 15.6.62 Legal Blood Alcohol Samples – content is extremely outdated; pertinent info will be included in revision of SNP15.6.61 Procedure for drawing legal blood alcohol

Please note:  Policies are not finalized or posted online until signed by Sherry Perkins or designated VP.

Charge Nurse Council
Chair: Marianne McKiernan, RN
Co-Chair: Barbara Buckley, BSN, RN

  • New Council leadership announced:  Lisa Davis (L&D) will take over as chair, Devra Cockerille (ACE) will take over as co-chair.
  • Charge nurses Devra Cockerille (ACE) and Peggy Rabuck (Radiation Oncology) talked about their Iron girl experience.
  • Changes to the Verge system (4PTS) reviewed by Alicia Baines.
  • TEDS system and new Employee Appraisal process reviewed by Linda Williams, Lisa Walker and Kerry Beth Williams. These changes will begin with the upcoming review period.
  • Opportunities for volunteering through the Lighthouse Shelter reviewed by Mary Perzanowski.  Contact Mary for more information.
  • Reiki Therapy: presented by Peggy Rabuck. Updates from in-service held earlier this month. Reiki therapists can work with patients who have increased stress and pain symptoms. Volunteers available to provide this therapy patients as needed. Send request to Peggy Rabuck.

Nursing Operations Council
Chair:  Irma Holland, MSN, RN

  • Discussed weekend alternative program and recommendation from shared governance structure councils.
  • Mary Beth Tubiolo gave a review of the nurse residency program, we have 25 new grads starting in August.
  • Human Resources updates provided by Sharon Borland and Marita Kellers:
    • Hiring is becoming more competitive, directors need to place reqs as soon as they know a position is available and not delay making offers when there is a good candidate
    • Human Resources team changes: Marita Kellers is now head recruiter
    • New recruiters:  Megan Anderson, Amy Reid, Tammy McHenry, Tom Urbanski, Simone Campbell-Davis
    • Three recruitment coordinators will be paired with recruitment teams to offset administrative needs

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