New product for reducing CAUTIs: Theraworx wipes

New product for reducing CAUTIs: Theraworx wipes

Beginning this week, a new urinary catheter care product, Theraworx, will be available on the inpatient units. Over the past several months three units (ACE, GSU and ICU) have  piloted  this product to assess its impact on reducing CAUTI. Based on the success of this pilot in demonstrating the effectiveness of the antimicrobial wipe in the reduction of CAUTIs and the overwhelming positive evaluation responses of nurses and techs, the CAUTI Committee is launching this product on all adult inpatient units, as well as areas that insert urinary catheters. (Pediatrics under the age of 2 years excluded from use.)

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 6, through Sunday, Feb. 11, Theraworx vendors will be providing brief educational sessions on all shifts. Both scheduled and roving education sessions will be available to meet the needs of nursing and tech staff. Please make every effort to attend one of these 10-15 minute training sessions.  The tip sheet, which provides directions for the use of the Theraworx Urinary Catheter Care Wipe, is available in globalshare:  T:\Infection Control – HAI Reports\Theraworx Urinary Cath Care\Theraworx Tip sheetREV (2).doc

A big shout out and thank you to the CAUTI Committee, led by Eve Sage and Jean Murray, for all of their hard work in championing and testing this new product. A special thanks as well to the pilot units, ICU/IMU, ACE, and GSU, and their nurse educators, clinical directors, CAUTI champions and staff in testing this product over the past several months and making it a huge success.

For specific questions regarding the use of this product, please your nurse educator, and/or Infection Control (481-6446).  For questions concerning the educational roll out plan, please contact Cathaleen Ley at

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