NEW! Order farm-fresh fruits and vegetables for your family — then pick them up at AAMC!

NEW! Order farm-fresh fruits and vegetables for your family — then pick them up at AAMC!

Are you not able to make it to AAMC’s Friday Farmers Market? Missing those delicious, fresh veggies over the winter? Looking for all organic produce? We have a solution.

Starting Wed., July 27, we are bringing the Farmers Market to you with the CSA Produce Box Program.

AAMC is partnering with Class Produce Group to deliver farm-fresh fruits and vegetables directly to AAMC for you. Simply sign-up on the Class Produce website and you will be able to order weekly produce boxes delivered to the Southport Cafeteria on Wednesday mornings.

This year-long program does not require any sign-up fees, pre-paid shares, or seasonal commitments. You decide if you want to purchase the box when it works for you and you can skip deliveries at any time. Fruits and veggies will vary according to season and availability.

Here’s how to be a part of this program:

Step 1

Sign up to receive a weekly email showing the upcoming specially selected produce.

Step 2

Create your account on, click SHOP, then CSA Produce Boxes, then choose from the following options:

  • -Small Box – $15 small family 1-3 people
  • -Large Box – $20 large family 4-6 people
  • -Organic Box – $25 certified organic

Step 3

Specify AAMC, 1001 Medical Parkway, Annapolis, as your delivery location. Your produce box will be available for pick up on Wednesday after 9am.  Please note: Boxes must be picked up within 24 hours of delivery. AAMC cannot be responsible for boxes left after 8am on Thursdays.

If you have any questions please contact Laura Tenner or 443-481-1047.


  1. Posted by Charlotta Tur ner, at Reply

    //What time will pick up be today and where?

    • Posted by Laura Tenner, at Reply

      Pick up will take place on Wednesdays. Produce boxes will arrive by 9am and will be available for pick up in the Southport Café. Look for the boxes next to the cashiers. Please bring along your receipt or your badge to get your box. All boxes need to be picked up by Thursday at 9am.

  2. Posted by Myra, at Reply

    I think this is great! I will consult with my husband about this and I hope to take part of this great service.

    • Posted by Laura Tenner, at Reply

      Thanks Myra! I ordered a box this week and was impressed with the quantity, value and freshness of the produce. My family enjoyed a nice salad for dinner on Wednesday night and I didn’t have to make a trip to the grocery store. Please pass the information along to your friends and if you have any other questions let me know.

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