Myra Nuton, RN, was awarded the Grow a Nurse scholarship last year. Check in with her and submit your own application today!

Myra Nuton, RN, was awarded the Grow a Nurse scholarship last year. Check in with her and submit your own application today!

The AAMC Foundation Nursing Scholarship application is now available! The deadline to apply is February 1, 2016. Access the application here. Here’s how Myra Nuton, RN, a nurse at Premier OB GYN, benefited from her scholarship:

I have been employed at AAMC for the last four years; it has been a great experience — a blessing to my family and me.

Last year, I was awarded the Grow a Nurse scholarship — a scholarship funded by nurses and awarded to a fellow nurse enrolled in school — and it has assisted me tremendously with purchasing school supplies, a laptop, and tuition. I am currently enrolled in the RN to BSN program at Liberty University, and to have assistance with the many expenses of higher education is greatly appreciated. My husband and I want to avoid as much debt as possible and this scholarship has allowed us to do that in many ways.

The Grow a Nurse scholarship, managed by AAMC nurse Carol Fickinger and our Foundation, is extra special to me because so many of my colleagues gave of their own resources to make these funds available. You, too, may have also contributed, and if so, thank you so much. It has been a blessing as I move forward in my career; I plan to  become a Nurse Practitioner.

I am employed with AAMC through Healthcare Enterprises (HCE) and this scholarship, coupled with the Nurses Week dinner, helped to draw me closer to the hospital staff. I can say I truly felt like a family member after the recognition dinner.

I will always be grateful to AAMC for this gift and for training and equipping nurses for excellence.


  1. Posted by Barbara Bordley, at Reply

    Congratulations Myra on your award. Your pursuit of “enlarging your territory” by continuing to educate your mind, body and soul is remarkable. As a nurse, student, wife, mother and First Lady, I am sure it has not been an easy journey for you! I along with your home community of Grasonville are so VERY proud of your accomplishments and also commend you on this award. May you continue to run the race to reach your goals and your vocational aspirations!

    • Posted by Myra, at Reply

      Thank you Barbara Bordley, you have brought a big smile to my heart reading your words of encouragement today. With God on my side I recognize that all things are possible if I am willing to go after them in His stregnth. You as well shine in our community and you have been an inspiration to me more then you know. I heed the words of “people will watch you more then listen to you”, some older wiser person :-).

  2. Posted by nora turner, at Reply

    Congratulations Myra!

  3. Posted by Charlotte Wallace, at Reply

    Congratulations Myra! Best of luck with your studies.

    Thank you, Carol, for all of your hard work and dedication to our Grow a Nurse Campaign! What a rewarding way to give back.

    • Posted by myra, at Reply

      Thank you!

    • Posted by Carol Fickinger, at Reply

      Thank you, Charlotte!

  4. Posted by Carol Fickinger, at Reply

    It was great meeting Myra at the Nurses Dinner this last year! I was so happy to hear that nurses at HCE were also included in the scholarships. I encourage everyone Iknow that is isn school to apply for the scholarships. One application puts you in the running for all of the scholarships available – It is definitely worth your time to put it together! If you are done with your education for right now, please consider contributing to the Grow A Nurse Scholarship. A one-time donation can be made to the AAMC Foundation, in care of Grow a Nurse, or donations through payroll deduction (one-time, several payments, or on-going through the year) can also be made. If you are interested in helping with the Grow a Nurse Campaign as a volunteer, please contact me!

    • Posted by myra, at Reply

      Thank You!

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