Lauren Smith, RN, was 400 miles from home when someone asked her, “Do you work at AAMC?”

Lauren Smith, RN, was 400 miles from home when someone asked her, “Do you work at AAMC?”

6958Lauren Smith, a 24-year veteran of AAMC who has worked in the PACU for the last 16 years, shared this story of how word has gotten around about the excellent care offered at AAMC.

Recently, my husband and I visited our daughter, Caroline, at Northeastern University in Boston for parents’ weekend. Our daughter had a late Friday afternoon class, so we wandered around campus and found ourselves at a little Irish pub across from campus. The place was packed, but a nice woman and her daughter made room for us near the bar.

We exchanged the usual small talk and explained our daughter was a freshman and this was our first parents’ weekend. The daughter of the woman at the bar was a senior and a nursing major. I told her I was a nurse, and we excitedly talked about nursing and all the opportunities it offers. The girl’s mother then asked where we were from, and I said, “Annapolis.”

Out of nowhere, she said, “Do you work at Anne Arundel Medical Center?” I laughed and said that as a matter of fact, I did. This woman and her daughter were from out of state, but she had a family member who used to live in Anne Arundel County. He and his wife had delivered premature twins at AAMC. This woman absolutely gushed about our facility and the care that the babies received at AAMC, and even though only one of the infants survived she could not have been more complimentary.

Her family member no longer lives in the area, but the woman remembers him coming back for remembrance ceremonies at AAMC. We were 400 miles from home, but someone knew and had experienced firsthand the excellent care we give at Anne Arundel Medical Center.


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