Kelly Vogt, RN, is AAMC’s newest DAISY nurse!

Kelly Vogt, RN, is AAMC’s newest DAISY nurse!

Congratulations to Kelly Vogt, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient. As per AAMC tradition, Kelly was surprised by a crowd of Heart and Vascular colleagues, family, and friends who secretly assembled on the afternoon of August 25 to pull off this this big surprise.

Barbara Jacobs, AAMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, extended her congratulations and presented Kelly with a DAISY plaque. She also received a DAISY pin from Physician colleague Mark Sanchez and a DAISY figurine from her nominator, past patient, and fellow nurse Sue Milkulski.

Pictured above are: (from left) Barbara Jacobs, Sue Milkulski, Mark Sanchez, and Kelly Vogt.

Here is an excerpt from Kelly’s nomination letter:

In all my years as a nurse, visiting friends, and teaching at AAMC as an adjunct instructor for a local college, I have never met a more caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, reassuring nurse than Kelly Vogt, RN. She gave me confidence in getting through each day, teaching me about the cardiac meds, sitting and holding my hand as I was teary and scared. The touch, the sensitivity to my raw, scared emotions were far more important than some of the routine nursing care.

Little things like extending the bed so my feet weren’t over the footboard or consolidating my need for a new IV and doing my bloodwork at the same time, something we do in peds. (Luckily as a nurse I knew to ask for that.)

She observed, she listened, she was truly the epitome of a special nurse. She had goals set for me every day, and would keep them as positive as she knew how, though I don’t think there is a negative thought in her brain, in spite of what outcomes could have been.

Kelly is truly a blessing for any patient who is in her care. With busy assignments, she gave four of her patients total bed baths with good time management and making all five of us feel like all her time was ours, and I observed she left on time.

Many staff told me they love following her as they learn so much. I watched her happy to help her peers no matter how busy she was, again always smiling and happy. I love her passion and caring from her heart, every minute she is working. I have never experienced anything like this in all my years in healthcare. Kelly truly loves being a nurse and exemplifies what nursing is all about. Truly a gem!

Having worked at another hospital, I never found a nursing job that felt right and retired in July feeling negative – that is was time. I was touched to renew my faith in nursing. The passion and heart one feels when caring for those in need at the bedside is something pretty darn special! Thanks to Kelly for restoring my faith and understanding in where the nursing profession is headed.

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