It’s Excellence Award time! Recognize a Nurse, Tech, Secretary, or Escort

It’s Excellence Award time! Recognize a Nurse, Tech, Secretary, or Escort

Nominations are now open for Nurse Excellence, Tech Excellence, Patient Care Secretary Excellence, and Patient Escort Excellence Awards. Access paper nomination forms below or go to to send in a nomination by February 1, 2016.

Patient Care Secretary/Customer Service Representative of the Year Award – Recognizes patient care secretaries and customer service representatives.

Nursing Rookie of the Year Award – Recognizes new graduate nurses hired between Feb. 2015 and Jan. 2016. One nurse from each inpatient and outpatient unit will be awarded.

Tech Excellence Award – This award is to recognize patient care technicians and surg techs. One technician from each service line will be awarded.

Structural Empowerment Award – This award is for nurse educators, mentors and preceptors. One of each will be awarded.

Transformational Leadership Award – Recognizes nurse leaders (Clinical Directors, Admin Coordinators, Nurse Managers, and Charge Nurses). One Nursing Administrator and one Charge Nurse will be awarded.

Exemplary Professional Practice Award – This award is for bedside nurses. A nurse from each inpatient and outpatient unit will be awarded.

Clinical Escort of the Year – Recognizes clinical escorts in all areas, one award will be given.


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    If it is intergirty, professionalism, loving and caring person, then you are speaking of Jackie Shanahan. Jackie is the nurse navigator for Neuro Oncology as well as the Head & Neck @ Anne Arundel Medical Center DeCesaris Cancer Institute. She builds working relationships between the patient and the healthcare team,community resource providers. Patients require empathy, compassion and an understanding of the cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds in the community. The ability to help patients depends on good communication and the ability to establish effective, trusting working relationships with patients. Jackie and her patients form a bond that has yet to be broken except via of dismise. Her relationship with the family goes on. As a nurse navigater Jackie extends herself beyond the eight hour work day. Her patients can reach out to her at any time and never find a time where Jackie is not there. She works faithfully with physicians, scheduling appointments with specialtiy, scans, make the connection with the hospital, physician ect much easier. She work with individuals and organizations that provide patient services or resources.These can include transportation services, counselors, language translators, hospice care workers or representatives who assist with financial support. Developing professional relationships with these individuals and organization representatives can make it easier for patients to get helpful assistance. She is mindful of her patients and is very sensitive regarding patient information overload. There is so much more Jackie does seen and unseen for the patients. In all that she does she reduces barriers that keep patients from getting timely treatment, identifying paitents needs and directing them to the sources to address the needs. Her relationship with her patients, the care she gives to each of her patients only reassures them that they are in the right place. She is bridge over their troubled waters, addressing any barriers, or anything that would hinder the patient in any way. I read once that thesecret in caring for the patients is in caring for the patient. How true that is. To sum Jackie us, I can’t. But I can say Jackie is dedicated to her patients. She is not doing a job, but giving of her time, talent and treasure, because her love and care for patients.

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