Introducing… AAMC’s new Clinical Ladder for Certified Nursing Assistants!

Introducing… AAMC’s new Clinical Ladder for Certified Nursing Assistants!

Introducing the new CNA Clinical Ladder! This program recognizes and encourages CNAs who take on responsibilities and are involved in activities that improve unit governance, patient care quality, or the work environment and promote continuous learning of front-line caregivers.

To learn more about the CNA Clinical Ladder, attend an info session on Wednesday, June 15 at 1pm in the ED conference room or at 5:50pm in the 2nd floor conference room, South Tower. After both sessions, stick around and learn more about building a professional portfolio.

During an info session last week, led by CNO Barbara Jacobs, over 30 PCT’s were in attendance (see photo above).

Some frequently asked questions are listed below.

Q:  Who can apply?

A:  Anyone in a role that requires a CNA certification from the MBON

A:  CNAs who worked at least 1080 hours in the past 12 months

A:  CNA application must be endorsed or approved  by the unit clinical director

Q:  Are Student Nurse PCTs eligible?

A:   No, Student Nurse PCTs are in a different job class and are on a trajectory to become nurses.

Q:  What is a portfolio?

A:  A portfolio is a collection of documents that validate professional activities.

Q:  How can I get help to develop my portfolio?

A:  Your unit educator will be your best resource, but any member of the nursing clinical ladder board or the Clinical Education Department can help.

Q:  Where will I be able to obtain the education hours?

A:  Courses will be planned that CNAs can take to meet the contact hours and certificates will be offered at these classes. The Talent Management Department in Human Resources publishes a list of many courses that are appropriate and can meet the communication and leadership criteria.

Q:  Will I be paid to attend the classes?

A:  Just as with nurses, some classes are paid based on the unit clinical director’s advanced approval. Some classes can be attended on your own time to support your development.

Q:  How do I know if an activity will be accepted?

A:  Review the CNA Ladder Scoring Tool. All activities must be within the 12 months before the board review to be used in the portfolio.

A:  Any health or healthcare related activity at work or in the community that is not required for your job.

A:  Classes, the criteria, and the application will be posted on the intranet by July 15.

Q:  How often can I apply?

A:  The Review Board will meet in April and October each year. The first review will be scheduled  April 2017 to allow time to collect criteria and build a portfolio.

Q:  What if I have a disciplinary action on my record?

A:  Applicants cannot have any discipline above a verbal warning.

A:  You must wait 1 year to apply if you have a disciplinary action other than a verbal warning.

Q:  Who is on the board?

A:  The first board will be made up of RNs on the clinical ladder led by Justin Bowser, Clinical Director of MSU. Members of the CNA Committee are: Christine Frost, Justin Bowser, Nancy Luttrell, Marita Kellers, Tom Urbanski, Mary Cohn, Christina Simms, Irma Holland, Sharon Borland, Ann Marie Holland.

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