HVU celebrates HealthStream’s Excellence Through Insight award

HVU celebrates HealthStream’s Excellence Through Insight award

AAMC’s Heart and Vascular Unit (HVU) has been recognized with the 2014 HealthStream’ s Excellence Through Insight Award for Overall Inpatient Patient Experience. AAMC celebrated this honor at a reception on HVU on September 22, 2015.

Dr. William Maxted, HVU Program Medical Director; Dr. Mark Sanchez; Hospitalist for HVU; Christine Frost, Senior Nursing Director for Acute Care; Sherry Perkins, COO/CNO; and Tori Bayless, CEO, joined HVU staff to recognize this great achievement.

HVU received this honor for its commitment to excellence in patient care. For the year 2014, it consistently ranked at the 99th percentile rank in overall patient experience with a score of 89%. HVU was also awarded the Service Excellence Banner by AAMC’s Quality and Patient Safety Department in Q2FY15 (October – December 2014) finishing the year strong with a score of 92% overall patient experience. HVU is the highest ranked unit within HealthStream’ s database and exceeded industry standards in patient experience.

HealthStream’ s CEO Robert A. Frist Jr. said, “We applaud Anne Arundel Medical Center’s [Heart & Vascular Unit] high-level commitment to excellence in healthcare and are pleased to recognize their achievement through our presentation of an Excellence through Insights award.

What an achievement! Way to go, HVU team!  -Evelyn Logan, MBA


  1. Posted by Lisa Kirchner, at Reply

    The Heart and Vascular Unit is blessed to not only have a caring, compassionate and knowledgable nursing staff but also has the greatest interdisciplinary team which compliments the enitre patient experience. As we know it “takes a village” to provide care to these complex patients and we are thankful for the support and team work from the Hospitalist, Vascular Surgeons, Cardiologist, Care Managers, Diabetes educators, Wound nurses, Housekeepers, and all the other departments who touch our patients every day. Thank you for helping us win this award!

  2. Posted by Brandy, at Reply

    Way to go HVU! I am proud to be part of this team!!

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