“Huddling up!” on Pediatrics

“Huddling up!” on Pediatrics

When huddles were first initiated in Pediatrics in the spring of 2015, it didn’t take long for staff to adapt to the new process.

Since Peds staff use this valuable time to share important updates, offer suggestions for managing throughput, and help support each other during busy shifts, staff recently suggested moving the huddle time from 11am to 7am — thus including both day and night shifts. This morning huddle is short — it takes no longer than 5 minutes — and ensures communication is fluent and consistent on the unit.

One of the pediatric core charge nurses, Adrianne Howe, RN, said, “I think the huddles are an important part of the way we start our day… we discuss staffing, our metrics, and we’ve had a lot of great innovative ideas shared and implemented.”

Way to go, Pediatrics staff! This simple change in time helps keep everyone informed and engaged.

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