Holidays not going so well this year? COPE can help.

Holidays not going so well this year? COPE can help.

As walk the halls of our hospital, I see such amazing things each and every day — wonderful nurses and staff, excellent care. The words I often hear describing our staff include: remarkable, amazing, and caring.

As healthcare providers, the work you do can be challenging — yet you get up each and every day (or night) and do it again. It’s dark when you got here and it will be dark when you leave. Each day, there are meds to dispense, comfort to give, and a patient needs to be discharged home. You collaborate with the doctor to change an order, arrange a transport to xray, then on to a dressing change. Care management has arranged an ambulance, is the discharge summary printed? You help a patient onto a bedpan, hold an emesis basin, then grab lunch.

Add to that family commitments and holiday stress, and you might be feeling overwhelmed. Please remember that when you need us, The COPE Team is here.

Anne Arundel Medical Center’s COPE program is confidential and provides trained volunteers to assist staff through difficult situations. Call COPE if you need to talk (Just dial “0” and ask the operator for the on-call COPE team member).

The care rendered here at AAMC is nothing short of phenomenal. Our staff have the strength, spirit and unending tenacity to perform a sometimes difficult job each and every day – each one lending their special strength to the group. It is my distinct privilege to be a small part of this team! –Deb Keane, RN, COPE Team Member



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