Helping our Helpers: When you’ve had a hard day, how do you COPE?

Helping our Helpers: When you’ve had a hard day, how do you COPE?

We have all had that especially hard day at work – when a beloved patient passes away, when there’s a conflict at work, when your to-do list seems unattainable, when you’re comforting a patient’s family but feel like crying yourself.

As healthcare workers, we often rally, pushing our own feelings aside — for our patients, for their families, for our co-workers. But what about us?

I have walked away from less than desirable outcomes wondering to myself, “What do I do with all of this? How do I stop my mind from reliving it over and over? How do I COPE?”

Anne Arundel Medical Center’s COPE Team can help. Our COPE program is confidential and provides trained volunteers to assist staff through these difficult situations.

COPE is a Critical Incident Stress Management Team. They provide Compassion and Outreach to our Peers and Encourage our employees in returning to work as quickly and as smoothly as possible following a critical incident. This team of AAMC employees has undergone specialized training to prepare them to respond to any critical incidents that occur within our facility. They will hear you, listen to you, and will be there to help.

Call the operator or HOC/CPAC to reach a COPE volunteer. -Deb Keane, RN

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