Help us improve nursing communication at AAMC – and win an Amazon gift card!

Help us improve nursing communication at AAMC – and win an Amazon gift card!

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Nursing Communications team! We are asking for your feedback on our communication strategies and details about your personal communication preferences. Tell us the truth. Seriously, we can handle it! And in case you didn’t win the 50/50 raffle or one of those amazing United Way gift baskets, you’ll have a chance to win an Amazon gift card. Thanks for helping us improve.


  1. Posted by Kathy Sowa, at Reply

    I would love to see a *direct* link right on our Windows desktops. I could click there to find communications without having to log onto a separate site.

  2. Posted by jazmin manlapaz, at Reply

    In MSU, I have started the MSU Nursing Highlights monthly, its. been over a few years now. The updates from staff who are in councils gets incorporated into it. Director, Charge & Educators input are also included, most of the email messages that are important to remember . We now have a section for the PCT in Clinical Ladder . This helps the staff that doesn’t really make time or have time to check their emails get updated on hospital/unit events. It gets at least 30-50 members of MSU signing & reading the information. Copies for at least 3-4 years were also saved so if JCAHO reviewers/MAgnet asked how the staff is being made aware of what’s happening at AAMC, it is a record to be reviewed, copies are now kept at the Director’s office for safekeeping. It is also colorful so it’s not boring to read.

  3. Posted by Sheri Poretz, at Reply

    Constant phone calls can be very interrupting, but today most people receive communication via text message. I believe text messaging would be a way to improve communication for nurses. There are inter hospital communication systems that are also hands free so that it is easier to communicate. I have included a link to one system that has these capabilities

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