Congrats to AAMC’s Evidence-Based Practice poster winners!

Congrats to AAMC’s Evidence-Based Practice poster winners!

On October 28, a total of 32 posters were presented at the Evidence-Based Practice Fair held in conjunction with Professional Development Day. Unit-based quality improvement projects, bedside scientist projects, and new graduate posters were presented. As was seen by the posters, nurses are doing significant work to improve clinical outcomes using research evidence. The EBP Fair gave nurses an opportunity to view posters and get inspired to make similar EBP changes on their units.

Congratulations to the three top ranked quality improvement posters presenters. In recognition that each of these quality improvement projects involved the work of the entire nursing units, each of these units were given money for a unit celebration. Additionally, this year for the first time, an award was given to the best new graduate poster.

Posters winners are displayed tin the table below. For questions about conducting a quality improvement project on your unit, please contact Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN, at



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