Congrats to our newest Nurse Residency grads!

Congrats to our newest Nurse Residency grads!

Pictured above from left to right: Rachel Lutz (ONC), Emily Weekes (ED), Breanna Oak (JSU), Meredith Herbert (JSU), Katie Manley (ED), Juliana Valeika (MSU), Nate Benefiel (GSU), Jackie Kane (Peds), Jessica Thompson (NCU), Katy Reid (SCU), Bayly Urick (SCU), Rachael Bollinger (ONC), and April Wainwright (SCU). *Not pictured: Jenna Kamp (HVU)

On August 6, 2015, in a room packed full of nurse graduates, their families and friends, directors, educators, charge nurses, mentors, and preceptors, AAMC celebrated its most recent group of Nurse Residency grads.

These 14 nurses started their journey in September 2014, meeting once a month for nearly a year as they learned about effective delegation, communication, time management, documentation standards, stress management, emergency/code management, evidence-based practice, professional development, quality improvement and patient safety. They also practiced self-care through yoga and journaling.

The graduation celebration kicked off with some celebratory words from COO/CNO, Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN, followed by a speech from one of the graduates, April Wainwright, RN. April wowed the crowd with a poem that she wrote, highlighting all of the graduates and their units:

If your heart isn’t up to par and you need it kept in check, 
Come see Jenna on HVU and she’ll make sure it’s not a wreck.

When you find yourself in a jam and need some help on the fly,
Come on in to the ED, Katie & Emily won’t pass you by.

Do you need a new knee or hip or maybe your back’s working right?
Breanna & Meredith are on Joint & Spine to help you with your plight.

We’ve got “The Rachels” on oncology helping with the battle against cancer.
If ever a challenge was to arise, they are always there to answer.

Altered mental status got you down?  Come on over to Special Care!
We’ll even fix your medical problems.  Bayly, Katy, and I are there.

Jackie’s over on Peds taking care of our littlest ones
Making sure they’re getting better while also keeping it fun.

Post-op days can be tough and you’ll need a nurse to help you through.
Go see Nate for your hospital stay and hang out on GSU.

If you have a stroke, your brain’s not right, or experiencing neurological problems,
Take a trip to our Neuro unit and Jess can help you solve them.

For a wide range of medical issues and your general health and welfare, 
Head on over to Juli on MSU, that Rookie of the Year will give you excellent care.

We’ve had Mary Beth here all along, making sure we find our way.
And Sarah & Sharolyn to sit and talk with us about our experiences day to day.

Powered by knowledge.  Inspired by caring.  That’s just how we do.
Come to AAMC for your hospital needs, we’ll be sure to take care of you.

We’ve made it through our first year.  Perhaps we were brought here by fate.
Together, we have learned a lot.  Together, we’re makin’ it great.

April also commented on what the residency program has meant to her, stating that it has given her the “tools to not only survive, but thrive” during the first year of nursing. She described their cohort as having a unique bond:  “Not only did the monthly classes give us the knowledge to be successful nurses, but also a group of friends to learn with.”

A favorite of the residency program amongst most of the nurses are the “Tales from the Bedside” sessions.  These monthly, hour-long small discussion groups are led by experienced, bedside nurses from various clinical areas. They not only lend an ear, but also mentor and guide. In these sessions, new grads can share with their peers their successes and triumphs, as well as their struggles and challenges, while gaining insight from someone who has “been there.”  Sharolyn Bush,  MSN, RN, CMSRN,  and Sarah Lissau, RN, led these sessions.

As each graduate was called to the front with their unit leadership team, Sherry read some kind words that their colleagues wrote for them. In AAMC tradition, each graduate received a tree seedling as a gift to symbolize their growth over the years. Sharolyn and Sarah both received a watering can — symbolizing the nurturing that they provided the nurse graduates.

Congrats to all of the graduates—you make AAMC proud!

If you want to see more photos, check out the link below:

-Mary Beth Tubiolo, MSN, RN-BC

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