Better Together: SCU and ICU teams work together to help open IMU

Better Together: SCU and ICU teams work together to help open IMU

Our Critical Care unit has recently undergone some changes to ensure proper placement of AAMC’s most unstable patient populations and help improve throughput in the process. On Monday, Oct. 3, we opened our new 18 bed Intermediate Care Unit (IMU) and transitioned our CCU to a 20 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Many of the Special Care nurses and patient care technicians chose to take on the extensive training necessary to care for patients in the IMU. Teams from both SCU and CCU worked hard to prepare the new IMU staff to safely assume care of these patients. They all have done an incredible job, coming together as a team to support each other and ensuring a smooth transition.

Thank you to all those who helped to plan, schedule and coordinate these changes, and to all those who helped to precept, teach and train for this new challenge.

A special thank you to clinical educators Irma Holland, Vivian Craft and Mary Cohn, unit charge nurses Kathy Groody and Judy Loftice, directors Sharolyn Bush and Vicky Tallerico, senior directors MaryLou Watson and Christine Frost, Dr. Aimee Yu, and to all the departments and support services who assisted throughout the past couple of months. We are better together!  -Vicky Tallerico, MSN, RN

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