Because you care…

Because you care…

Because you care, you do everything possible to keep our patients from falling, from developing pressure ulcers (HAPU), from acquiring central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI), and preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI).

Thanks to your dedicated care to our patients, once again this past quarter, the majority of the inpatient units outperformed their National Database Nursing Quality Indicator (NDNQI) benchmark on injury falls, HAPU, CLABSI, and CAUTI. As well, the majority of the outpatient units also outperformed their benchmark on injury falls.

As we complete our first Magnet Interim Monitoring Report, thanks to your excellent care, we will be able to report outperformance in these nursing outcomes over an eight quarter period. These excellent results exemplify why we are a Magnet hospital and why you are Magnet nurses.

Let’s keep building together a culture that continually strives to achieve the best patient outcomes possible through delivering excellent nursing care. Thank you for your dedicated care to our patients! –Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN

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