As wife nears the end of her life, MSU staff helps couple celebrate their wedding anniversary

As wife nears the end of her life, MSU staff helps couple celebrate their wedding anniversary

MSU staff were recently caring for a patient who was nearing the end of her life. In speaking with this patient’s husband, Mary Cohn, the clinical educator, discovered that their wedding anniversary was coming up. When Mary asked if there was anything the staff could do to help celebrate this special day, he jokingly answered, “A steak dinner would be nice!”

Mary informed Justin Bowser, MSU’s clinical director, of this opportunity and he immediately went to work. He found out this couple’s first date was at Adam’s Grille in Edgewater (over 25 years ago!) and convinced them to allow him to purchase them a delicious anniversary meal from this restaurant. The rest of the staff pitched in to plan the party, while Mary ordered a cake and Charge Nurse MaryAnn Julian brought in a card and flowers.

They pulled off a fantastic anniversary party. As the couple sat together for their dinner of shrimp and ribs, they were joined by family, friends, and AAMC staff. Staff offered their gifts and best wishes for their anniversary. Tears of joy and appreciation filled the room.

“This shows our care and compassion here at AAMC,” says Justin. “We are willing to go the extra step to show our appreciation for patients and their families.”

Sadly, the patient passed away the day after their anniversary. Our deepest sympathies go out to this family, but we are comforted to know that during her last days she was surrounded by love and was able to enjoy a wonderful last anniversary dinner with her beloved husband by her side.


  1. Posted by Lynn, at Reply

    What a beautiful and sad story all at the same time. So wonderful of all of you to give them this special remembrance and celebration.

  2. Posted by Debbie Sears Wasem, at Reply

    so happy to be part of an organization that truly cares about their patients. Thank you for going that extra mile for this couple. You are making it GREAT

  3. Posted by Octavia Yancey RN, at Reply

    How beautiful!!! That was awesome!! Good Job MSU!!!

  4. Posted by Cindy, at Reply

    Such an absolutely beautiful memory. This heartfelt love, care , and compassion TRULY warms the soul. AAMC is so incredibly blessed with our caregivers, friends, family, and community!

  5. Posted by Christine Frost, at Reply

    Absolutely remarkable example of kindness and compassion. Simply stated…priceless.

  6. Posted by Barbara Paul, at Reply

    WOW! You MSU girls continue to amaze me with your kindness and generosity to the patients! Good job!

  7. Posted by Theresa Maloney, at Reply

    WOW, this is truly a great example of patient centered care….

  8. Posted by Deb Keane, at Reply

    Made me cry – the good kind of tears !

    • Posted by Marla Spring FNP-C MSN Diabetes and Endocrinology, at Reply

      This made me cry too. My father died in ICU a few years ago a few hours from his 90th birthday and the nurses/providers allowed us to have cake and he had a sip of a “White Russian” drink while we held him up. He gave the thumbs up sign, said his last word, “Excellent.” and laid back and died. The staff was so supportive. I love working here and the wonderful caring staff.

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