Arianna Graziadei, RN, is AAMC’s newest DAISY nurse!

Arianna Graziadei, RN, is AAMC’s newest DAISY nurse!

Congratulations to Arianna Graziadei, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient. As per AAMC tradition, Arianna was surprised by a crowd of ACE colleagues and friends who secretly assembled on the afternoon of November 1 to pull off this this big surprise.

Barbara Jacobs, AAMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, extended her congratulations and Lil Banchero, Director of the ACE Unit, presented Arianna with a plaque and DAISY figurine.

Here is an excerpt from Arianna’s nomination letter:


Arianna Graziadei (holding plaque) celebrates receiving the DAISY Award with Senior Nursing Director Lil Banchero, Chief Nursing Officer Barbara Jacobs, and Clinical Director and nominator Devra Cockerille.

Arianna is the most caring, compassionate, selfless nurse I have ever had the honor to work with. What makes this wonderful person more impressive is that she only has a few years of experience. But her passion and desire to truly care for patients and families are apparent every shift. Arianna is the kind of nurse I would want to care for my family member. She is not just clinically strong; she connects with the patient and the family to treat the person as a whole. She inspires me every day to be a team member, a caring nurse, a better person. I have seen countless patients and families hug her, thank her, cry with her, and shower her with gifts of gratitude.

Recently there was a 74 year-old woman with multiple medical issues admitted with an acute illness.  She developed additional complications and her chronic co-morbidities were causing her to decline. Her daughter was having a difficult time with goals of care so Arianna spent the day counseling the family, who ultimately made the difficult decision for comfort care. She started a morphine drip and ensured the patient was comfortable and could spend the end of her life in peace and dignity. Every day she makes connections with patients and families and has an unbelievable memory for not only what they need, but what they want.

Another exemplary quality is her team focus and concern for what is best for the patient and unit. We received a patient from another unit who we did not know was often confused and impulsive. The patient was placed in a room far from the nurse’s station, which would have made giving excellent patient care a challenge.  Arianna saw the patient going into that room and recalled previously taking care of her. She immediately notified the charge nurse that the room was not appropriate for the patients’ safety. Since she had just discharged a patient from a room in a more ideal location, the patient was moved there — and Arianna volunteered to care for the patient again. She truly wants to provide every patient and family with extraordinary care.


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