AAMC Magnet® Re-Designation 2019

AAMC Magnet® Re-Designation 2019

Anne Arundel Medical Center is proud to be among fewer than 500 hospitals worldwide who have achieved Magnet® designation for the highest level of excellence in nursing care. AAMC received initial Magnet® designation in 2014 and the credential remains valid for four years. Magnet® hospitals must submit new application documents in order to re-designate – there is no automatic renewal of this prestigious credential. Over the next few months, you can expect to learn more about what makes AAMC a Magnet® hospital.

After a team of 17 writers and internal reviewers worked for nearly an entire year, AAMC submitted our electronic Magnet® application document on August 1, 2018. The review process generally takes between 6 and 8 months before the hospital learns if the designation will be granted a second time. Most recently, we learned that the first chapter called the Organizational Overview has met all of the requirements! The Organizational Overview chapter is not scored, but passing is required before the review of the document begins.

Within the next few weeks, watch for an updated Magnet® Intranet page that will help you understand the components of the ANCC Magnet Model. The new updated Intranet page will serve as your portal to all things Magnet®, including education about the designation and our document—how it is organized and what stories were included. During this time, we can expect a site visit where appraisers will come for three days to validate the information we submitted. Once the dates of our site visits are confirmed, the link to the document itself will be available on this page, along with an index of the names, councils, and units described in it.

In December, Barbara Jacobs, Chief Nursing Officer and Karen McCamant, Director of Professional Nursing Practice & Magnet will present Magnet® Nursing Grand Rounds. This presentation will be offered several times to offer nurses the opportunity to attend.

Meanwhile, Karen McCamant will be working closely with the nursing councils to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information about the process and to help you be prepared for the site visit. In 2016, nurses under the leadership of the Professional Nurse Council updated and streamlined the Professional Practice Model by removing the explanatory inset on the right. The result is a clear, concise, and meaningful representation of nursing here at AAMC. You may also be seeing the updated Professional Practice Model posted on your units and more information about it on the Intranet.





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