“AAMC is just incredible across the board,” says past-Patient Advisor after unexpected admission

“AAMC is just incredible across the board,” says past-Patient Advisor after unexpected admission

As a past-Patient Advisor, this patient helped AAMC put new strategies in place to ensure our care is always patient- and family-centered. Years later, during an unexpected admission, he had the opportunity to see those changes put into place and experience the care of AAMC healthcare professionals. Here are his thoughts: 

After participating in AAMC’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) for several years, I recently had the occasion to be on the other side of the advisor role, as an inpatient, and I wanted to provide some thoughts about my experience. I was really interesting seeing from the patient’s view many of the things that the Patient Safety Committee and the PFAC had worked on over my time as an advisor. There was a much more familial feeling to things.

This experience brought me into contact with some exceptional people and professionals. I have attached a list of names, as best I could construct it, of all those people who took care of me — and across the board, they were wonderful; from checking in at the ED to riding in the wheelchair after discharge… I can’t emphasize enough – everyone!

There were several people who truly stood out, and while I am recognizing them here, that’s not to say I wasn’t very, very pleased with my care from everyone with whom I came in contact. I will also offer a disclaimer that I didn’t get all the names of the staff who assisted me during my endoscopy and colonoscopy, so my list is short by several names.

I could not have been more confident with Dr. Bennett So, my Hospitalist, and Dr. James Blake, the Gastroenterologist who cared for me. Dr. So’s calm confidence and relaxed bedside manner meant a lot to me.

I would like to particularly mention Irini Scutaru, RN, on the Medical Surgical Unit. She was wonderful with a sense of humor and attentiveness that I truly appreciated. I looked forward to seeing her.

Dr. Andrew Goins, my Anesthesiologist for the endoscopy, just seemed to have a genuinely warm and calming influence on me. I had been bleeding for quite a while internally, and when I met him before the procedure, he just made a big positive difference in my overall state of mind.

I needn’t say to you that there are moments in one’s life that bring you to intersect with something truly exceptional. I feel that was the case with my having met Vernice Adams, PCT. Certainly her care was great, but it was her persona that was incredible. She was genuinely warm, with a personal wisdom that was just phenomenal. While I would not have wanted the experience that brought me to the hospital, I can say without hesitation that had it not occurred, I’d have not met a truly gifted and personable medical professional who will remain in my mind as someone who cared for me and enriched my life by having met her.

AAMC is just incredible across the board. I actually felt more ill this then I did during my last visit, but my awareness of being in the hospital was fare more attuned by virtue of my experiences as an advisor. I envy you all to be a part of such a wonderful culture of commitment. Thank you for my care.

Dr. Bennett So, Hospitalist
Dr. James Blake, Gastroenterologist
Irini Scutaru, RN, Staff Nurse, MSU
Dr. Andrew Goins, Anesthesiologist
Vernice Adams, PCT, MSU
Kevin Canade, ER Tech, ED
Jennifer Pullins, RN, Charge Nurse, ED
Lisa West, RN, Staff Nurse, MSU
Erica Coates, PCTII, MSU
Kate Jorgensen, RN, Staff Nurse, MSU
Cherrelle Body, PCTII, MSU
Danielle Salas, RN Staff Nurse, MSU
Neika Butler, PCTII, MSU

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