AAMC IronGirls — “You signed up for WHAT?!”

AAMC IronGirls — “You signed up for WHAT?!”

“You signed up for WHAT?!”

Many of AAMC’s IronGirl’s have fielded this this question over the last few months. Swimming in a lake? Then a bike and a run? Seems like a good way to ruin a perfectly lovely Sunday morning.

But AAMC staff and their family members signed up anyway, committed to WellBeing, and thankful for the support of their families, friends, and AAMC. They trained for months, mentally and physically preparing for the .62mi swim, 16 mile bike ride and 3.4 mile run – and the title of Iron Girl.

As it turned out, there would be no swim. The tragic floods in Howard County earlier in the week affected the water quality of Centennial Lake, making it unsafe to swim in. The triathlon became a duathlon. Some were disappointed, others slightly relieved!

As they finished, children, husbands, friends and coworkers cheered each other on. Congrats to each of AAMC’s IronGirls, pictured above: (Back row) Teresa Robinson, Joanne Ebner, Liz Egan, Peggy Rabuck, Cheryl Jones, Monica Mewshaw. (Front row) Melisa Robles, Kathy Evans, Mary Owens, Carol Brumsted, Brooke Jones, Wiebke Hannigan


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