A lifesaving gift: Thank you to donors Bill and Rose Lovelace

A lifesaving gift: Thank you to donors Bill and Rose Lovelace

In November of 2014, an otherwise healthy man in his 40’s had a sudden onset of chest pain and shortness of breath while biking across the Naval Academy Bridge. An astute bystander offered assistance and called 911. United States Naval Academy Paramedics responded to the scene and communicated with AAMC’s ED, accurately describing the patient’s clinical status, including 12 lead ECG findings of an ST Elevation MI (STEMI).

Timely intervention is essential to preserving heart function, and in this case, the patient was transported to AAMC, where our Cath Lab team was able to restore blood flow to a 100% blocked coronary artery within 27 minutes of his arrival.

After this event, Lindsay Graham, a firefighter/paramedic with the United States Naval Academy Fire Department (USNAFD), contacted AAMC to ask for assistance in obtaining a LifeNet Modem, which would enable paramedics to transmit 12 lead ECGs to our ED — immediately and electronically — from the field.

With this valuable clinical information available before the patient arrived, the ED team could develop a specific treatment plan. Ultimately, this would save lives.

Saving lives is something that Bill and Rose Lovelace are quite passionate about. As longtime supporters of many nonprofits in the area, including AAMC, they have made gifts enabling us to better care for our patients, including medical equipment for the NICU, Heart & Vascular Unit and Oncology Unit.

When AAMC’s Foundation reached out to the Lovelaces to share the story of the need, they immediately and generously offered to make a gift to enable the LifeNet modem to be purchased by AAMC for USNAFD in honor of Rose’s sister, Frances Sniegon Ruark, who had recently and unexpectedly passed away.

On April 23, 2015, representatives from AAMC’s Cardiac and Emergency services gathered at the USNAFD to honor William and Rose Lovelace and the memory of Frances Sniegon Ruark. They expressed their gratitude for the Lovelace’s generosity and the impact it will have in saving so many lives in the community for years to come.

AAMC is extremely honored and grateful for Bill and Rose Lovelace. They are truly a part of the AAMC family. -Toni Schiller, RN, CCCC

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