Congrats to the 2017 Scholarship and Excellence Award recipients! And the winners are…

Congrats to the 2017 Scholarship and Excellence Award recipients! And the winners are…

Congrats to our Scholarship and Excellence Award recipients (pictured above) and happy Nurses Week to all our wonderful nurses!

Scholarship Recipients

AAMC Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship

Christina Hall

Olga Hofmann

Al & Mary Vittek Nursing Advancement Fund

Heather Johnson

Balfe Clifford Nursing Scholarship

Julie Seaman

Blanche Taylor Scholarship

Lynn Thomas

George & Patricia Benson Nursing Scholarship

Karen MacPherson

Gordon & Jean Wells Nursing Scholarship

Donna Meador

Grow A Nurse Scholarship

Jennifer Guercio

Gus & Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence

Katie Clements

Maeve Morrissey

Micheline Holmes

Racquel McCrea

Theresa Ridel

Heritage Harbour Health Group

Michelle Lusby

Heritage Harbour Women’s Club

Kristen Hammerer

Izzo & Patane Nursing Scholarship

Danette Readling

John W. Gosselin Nursing Scholarship

Monica Young

Sheehy Nursing Scholarship

Kristina Gibson

Shelly Alion and Robert Welch Nursing Scholarship

Matthew Baden

Shirley A. Wheeler Nursing Scholarship

Erin Uhl

Excellence Award Winners

New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements

Inpatient – Heart & Vascular Unit

Outpatient – Cardiac Cath Lab

The Richard & Janet Davidson Nursing Award Extraordinary Advances in Patient and Family – Centered Care  

Oncology Unit

Hospital Pavilion Technician/Technologist

Samantha Campbell – Oncology

Clatanoff Technician/Technologist         

Ila Lawson – Labor & Delivery

Surgical Services Technicians/Technologist

Janet Harding – PRCU

Structural Empowerment – Preceptor Role         

Rachel Livingston – GSU

Structural Empowerment – Mentor Role              

Julie Seaman – Pathways

Structural Empowerment – Educator Role           

Melanie Lee – Pediatrics

Transformational Leadership – Manager/Director

Vicky Tallerico – ICU/IMU

Transformational Leadership – Charge Nurse Role

Michelle Lusby – HP PACU

Advanced Practice RN

Amanda Chipko – Pain Management

Exemplary Professional Practice

ACE – Donna Spence

Interventional Radiology – Jean Duffy

Procedural Care Unit – Michelle Merew

Pathways – Alice Harvey

Pediatrics – Jennifer Reynolds

Hospital Pavilion Operating Room – Catherine Carroll

Medical Surgical – Malorie Smith

IMU – Rebecca O’Brien

Emergency Department – Asher Borradalie

Outpatient Radiation Oncology – Cheryl Jones

Vascular Access Department – Theresa Blankenship

Wound Center –  Inpatient – Jennifer Davis

Wound Center – Outpatient – Kaitlin Rottman

Heart & Vascular  – Emily Cooper

Neuro Care  – Elizabeth Smith

Joint & Spine – Erin Uhl

General Surgical –Tammy Kidd

Short Stay –  Glenda Skove

Post Anesthesia Care-  Julie Whiteside

Prep/PAT- Rita Rohme

Mother/Baby – Kristina Gibson

ICU – Miemie Marais

Observation – Rebecca Derr

AskAAMC – Breekera Bradford

Flex – Maria Moody

Outpatient Infusion – Julia Buckel

Labor & Delivery- Jessica Genrich

Neonatal Intensive Care- Rachel Crosby

Edwards Surgical Preop/PACU- Kathleen Esposito

Edwards Surgical Operating Room- Jacqueline Gergel

Care Management- Jane Kissinger

Women’s Surgical- Emily Caltabiano

Oncology- Megan Bowlding

Cardiac Cath Lab- Phyllis Super

CP Flex – Lora Breeding

Endoscopy – Inge Paolini

Radiation Oncology – Cheryl Jones

4 Medical – Brittany Briscoe

Nursing Informatics – Lisa Laking

Pain Clinic – Dawn Noyes

Lactation – Margaret (Peggy) Haines

Rookie of the Year:                                        

Medical Surgical – Nouran Zaharna

Heart & Vascular- Ramona Crone

Neuro Care – Laura Kilmon

General Surgical – Hayley Cramblitt

Joint & Spine – Kaitlynn Ford

Neonatal Intensive Care – Christa White

ICU – Brandon Joy

Oncology – Jillian Chaney

Women’s Surgical – Kristi Calder

Pediatrics – Latoya Russell

Mother/Baby – Kaileigh Hall

Emergency Department – Kristina Holloway

ACE – Kevin Nairn

IMU – Jacqueline Ware

4 Medical – Jamie Clendenin

ESP OR – Dawn Harris-Hulett

L&D – Carolina Peter

HP OR – Christina Hall

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