Sailing into Magnet Re-designation

Sailing into Magnet Re-designation

Last week, Barbara Jacobs and Karen McCamant, along with several AAMC nurses gathered together to share more information about the status of our Magnet Re-designation. Barbara and Karen reviewed the application that was submitted August 1, 2018, which can be accessed here. In this Magnet document, you can review specific examples of transformational leadership, structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice, innovation, and improvement.  

A panel of 8 nurses who attended the 2018 Magnet conference in Colorado shared their top 3 take away points from the conference. Not only were these stories inspirational but it also provided AAMC with the stepping stones needed to improve our current practice. 

Currently, we are in the process of waiting to see if more information is needed to support our application, but we are confident that a site visit will be scheduled in the near future. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at our updated Intranet page and see if you can spot someone you know! For more information about our Magnet Re-designation, please email Karen McCamant at

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