Where has your stethoscope been?

Where has your stethoscope been?

Evelyn Farkas, a nurse on the Mother/Baby Unit presented to a group of AAMC employees on how to serve our global community. With over 12 years experience, Evelyn presented various tips and tricks on making the best decision for you and how to make the best of your experience.

Traveling abroad on a global humanitarian trip can be challenging and scary, especially if you have never traveled out the country before! Here are some questions you should ask yourself to ensure you select the correct service group:

  • – Which Trip / Organization is Right For Me?  
  • – What is the Mission Statement? Does it match yours?
  • – What type of safety is set up? Is the insurance covered?
  • – What is included?
  • – What does the clinic look like?

Click here to watch the video produced by Evelyn.

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