AAMC Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the DAISY Foundation

Anne Arundel Medical Center partnered with the DAISY Foundation in 2010 to acknowledge nurses for outstanding patient care. Since our partnership, AAMC received over 700 nominations and has named 30 Honorees. On DAISY’s 20th Anniversary, we gathered to celebrate and honor the General Surgical Unit for their continuous strides in[…]

2019 Nursing Excellence Award and Scholarship Recipients

If you missed the nurses’ dinner yesterday, here is your chance to see who won! Post your shout outs in the comments!   Foundation Nursing Scholarship Winners AAMC Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship – Brandi Elzie AAMC Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship – Jessica Tyrell Al& Mary Vittek Nursing Advancement Fund –[…]

  1. Katrina Curtis: Congratulations to my beautiful cousin, BRANDI ELZIE! WAY TO GO!

    • Brandi Elzie: Thanks winksy! Love u

Michelle Hayden, RN, is AAMC’s newest DAISY nurse!

Congratulations to Michelle Hayden, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient. As per AAMC tradition, Michelle was surprised by a crowd of General Surgical colleagues and friends who secretly assembled on the afternoon of February 19th to pull off this big surprise. Barbara Jacobs, AAMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, extended her[…]

A hero is found in Short Stay

Marty is a true hero. Marty has worked on the Short Stay Unit for about 10 years as a Customer Service Representative and has continued to put a smile on the children’s faces the whole time. When a child comes out of surgery and gets settled in the Phase ll[…]

  1. Lynn Dorsey: Great Job, as always! Thanks Marty.

  2. Terry Pearson: The kids are delighted when he comes and brings a "friend". Marty is quite a guy!

  3. Tracie Ackermann: Marty, you are one of the kindest and caring people I have met. You not only take care of the…

  4. Lisa Allen, RN: Marty, this is an absolutely wonderful thing you are doing!!! I commend you for what you do! Such kindness is…

  5. Jennifer Christ: Marty is simply amazing! We love what he does for AAMC patients and families. He is always available when needed…

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Congratulations Nurse Residents!

On Thursday, January 29th AAMC proudly graduated 11 nurse residents surrounded by their family and co-workers who helped them along the way. The Nurse Residency Program is a 12-month program that helps transition a newly licensed registered nurse into the working profession. Our coordinators Anne Marie and Racquel meet with[…]

Jacqueline Shanahan, RN is AAMC’s newest DAISY nurse!

Congratulations to Jackie Shanahan, the nurse navigator for the survivorship program who was awarded the DAISY award on January 8, 2019. Here is an excerpt from her nomination: “Jackie is an oncology nurse to the core. She spends every day all day and a great deal of her evenings and[…]

  1. Nia Wright: Congrats, Jackie. Well deserved. So very proud of you!!

  2. Joanne: Yay Jackie! Well deserved - Congratulations!!

  3. Tina Andersen: Congrats Jackie! Everyone could use a navigator like you in their life!!! Well deserved award :)