What are your Three Good Things?

What are your Three Good Things?

Recently, many AAMC staff members were able to attend Thriving vs. Surviving During Times of Change, led by Dr. Bryan Sexton. They learned from Dr. Sexton’s research that one out of three health care providers suffers from burnout. His research has also shown that identifying three good things at the end of each day had a more positive impact on one’s psyche than an antidepressant. In addition, after participating in the Three Good Things exercise for four to five days, individuals recognized more positive things in their lives.

Since then, you may have seen Three Good Things popping up around the hospital. Whether you have a board on your unit or have starting a meeting verbally sharing three good things, it really does help to refocus our attitudes. The boards above are located in Edwards Surgical and in Clinical Education.

As we prepared for Thanksgiving, do continue to remind yourself of all you have to be thankful for. Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to all our employees! And please feel free to share your Three Good Things in the comments below.


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