Salisbury alumni take over JSU!

Salisbury alumni take over JSU!

Vanessa Rivas, RN, a new grad nurse on Joint and Spine, sent this photo of the crew of nurses on JSU who attended Salisbury University. “We all happened to work together yesterday and decided to take a picture,” she stated. “Cathy Herrman, RN, graduated in December 2014, Brendan Glowacki, RN, in May of 2015, and Kaitlynn Ford, RN, and I both graduated together in May of 2016!”

Thanks for sending this in, Vanessa! We love posting photos of our staff. Any other Salisbury alum out there? What about Hopkins, Maryland, Notre Dame or AACC? Next time you work together, snap a photo and send it in!


  1. Posted by Sedonna M. Brown, MSN RN, at Reply

    What a wonderful surprise to receive news via campus email. As a new faculty member at SU and a flex nurse at AAMC, you have made us all proud! Congratulations!!! JSU is a great unit to begin your nursing career.

  2. Posted by Mary Perzanowski, BSN, RN, ONC--JSC Charge Nurse, at Reply

    Glad you are all here. JSC is very lucky to have you. Thanks for all that you do!!!!
    Nice Pic.

  3. Posted by Mary Perzanowski, BSN, RN, ONC, at Reply

    You are all a great addition to the Joint and Spine team.

  4. Posted by Tina Andersen, at Reply

    Four awesome nurses- so glad they decided to make JSU their home!!!

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