“Nothing about us, without us”: How AAMC collaborates with Patient Family Advisors

“Nothing about us, without us”: How AAMC collaborates with Patient Family Advisors

Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC), AAMC’s care delivery model, embraces the patient and their family as vital members of the healthcare team. Think of it as working WITH the patient and family, rather than doing TO and FOR them.

There are four core concepts of PFCC and we’ve explored three of them over a series of blog posts authored by Patient Family Advisor, Pat Clash:

In this last article of the series, we explore Collaboration. It’s exemplified when patients, families, healthcare practitioners, and healthcare leaders collaborate in policy and program development, implementation and evaluation; in research; in facility design; and in professional education, as well as in the delivery of care. Our Patient Family Advisor’s motto is, “Nothing about us without us.” We believe that all decisions pertaining to patients and families should be made in part by patients and families.

This concept appears to be quite self-explanatory, but there is more to it than the obvious. When one collaborates, one listens and truly considers what the others have to say. And AAMC really listens! Did you know that Patient Family Advisors have worked with the following workgroups and committees?

  • > Patient-guided visitation
  • > Wayfinding Workgroup
  • > Stroke Committee
  • > Diversity Committee
  • > Safety Committee
  • > Advisor Recruitment & Planning Committee
  • > Institutional Review Board
  • > Falls Committee
  • > Pickering Grant Steering Committee and Focus Group
  • > Pathways Community Task Force
  • > MyChart
  • > Graduate Medical Education
  • > Peer to Peer Mentorship Program
  • > Breast Executive Committee
  • > Medical Student Education
  • > Interviews for hospital leadership positions
  • > Website design
  • > Hospital equipment testing
  • > Bedside Shift Report training
  • > Signage Committee
  • > Podium and poster presentations at international conferences
  • > Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
  • > Food and Nutrition
  • > Age-Friendly Action Community
  • > New employee orientation
  • > Surgical Resident, Medical Fellow, Medical Student, and Nurse Resident education
  • > Root Cause Analysis
  • > Safety and Security
  • > Medical Staff Peer Review Committee
  • > Foundation
  • > Bioethics Committee
  • > Rewards and Recognition Committee
  • > Women’s and Children’s PFAC
  • > Mental Health and Addiction PFAC
  • > Health Equity PFAC
  • > Emergency Dept. Mental Health area walk-through

As you can see, collaboration is abundant within Anne Arundel Medical Center. The attached video, “Patient & Family Centered Care at Providence Health Care” sums it up beautifully and I hope you will take a few minutes to view it.  

Thanks for all you do!

Pat Clesh, Patient and Family Advisor

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