Movement is Medicine

Movement is Medicine

Under the Institute for Healthy Aging, mobility plays a huge role in creating an age-friendly environment for our patients.

Did you know:

  • The average person spends 83 percent of their time lying in bed while in the hospital.
  • After four days in the hospital, it can take up to 14.2 days for strength recovery.
  • A patient who increases their steps by 600 per day can potentially decrease their hospital length of stay by two days.

AAMC is committed to improving our patients’ mobility in the hospital with the goal of preventing potential harm from spending too much time in bed.

We’ve taken many steps to reduce this harm through the training of nursing staff mobility champions, initiating a new Highest Level of Mobility (HLM) documentation system, and creating an interdisciplinary Safe Mobility Committee. Our work has already resulted in a nine percent increase in patient mobility over the past three months.

In August, we will be kicking off a mobility contest, awarding three units with a donut party. The three awards will be given to the North and South inpatient units with the highest patient mobility, compliance with HLM documentation, and most improved patient mobility. Winners will be announced at the end of August.

So far, the General Surgical Unit is setting the bar with 74.9 percent of their patients mobilized in May!


For more details, reach out to the Safe Mobility Co-chairs Devra Cockerille and Christy Wu.

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