Sharps Safety & Mindfulness

When the topic of sharps injuries comes to mind, you may believe that it will never happen to you. Unfortunately, sharps injuries are more common than you think and can happen to even the most experienced nurses. Nationwide, nurses account for the most sharps injuries within hospital systems. It’s no[…]

The Journal Club is BACK!

After a short break to truly focus on the crisis at hand, AAMC’s Journal Club is back in a virtual format. Join us for our very first Zoom on Monday, July 20, 2020. Here are the details: Presenters:  Crystal Crider, BSN, BS, RN Date: Monday, July 20, 2020 Time: 12pm-1pm[…]

Congratulations Joyce!

Please join me in congratulating Joyce Wilson-Phillips on 50 years of wonderful, dedicated service to Anne Arundel Medical Center. Joyce started at AAMC back in 1970, initially as a nursing assistant on B3 downtown.  That role wasn’t a great fit for Joyce, so she moved into the unit secretary role[…]

  1. Sedonna Brown: Joyce, Congratulations! I celebrate you and your years of dedicated service to AAMC. You are a "beacon of light" to…

  2. Bretagne Cowling: Ms Joyce, You made HVU feel like "home" to me for the last 4.5 years, thanks to your kindness, sense…

Nursing Survey

Thank you to the 150 nurses who have completed the research survey on healthcare staff’s perceptions during a COVID-19 pandemic. If you have not taken the survey, and currently work in an area caring for inpatients or ED patients, please take a few minutes to take this survey. This study[…]