Welcome to AAMC

Please join me in welcoming our new AAMC Nursing Staff who joined us in January 2019! Rakuia Akter, Patient Care Technician – Heart & Vascular Unit Martia Arrington, Patient Care Technician – Oncology Daniel Beltramo, Staff Nurse – ICU/IMU Courtney Brooks, Patient Care Technician – 4 Medical Ileah Cartagena, Nursing[…]

“Nothing about us, without us”: How AAMC collaborates with Patient Family Advisors

Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC), AAMC’s care delivery model, embraces the patient and their family as vital members of the healthcare team. Think of it as working WITH the patient and family, rather than doing TO and FOR them. There are four core concepts of PFCC and we’ve explored[…]

Jacqueline Shanahan, RN is AAMC’s newest DAISY nurse!

Congratulations to Jackie Shanahan, the nurse navigator for the survivorship program who was awarded the DAISY award on January 8, 2019. Here is an excerpt from her nomination: “Jackie is an oncology nurse to the core. She spends every day all day and a great deal of her evenings and[…]

  1. Nia Wright: Congrats, Jackie. Well deserved. So very proud of you!!

  2. Joanne: Yay Jackie! Well deserved - Congratulations!!

  3. Tina Andersen: Congrats Jackie! Everyone could use a navigator like you in their life!!! Well deserved award :)

Take time for yourself with mindfulness

The definition of Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. Mindfulness means learning how to have a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. When we practice mindfulness, we bring our mind to experiencing the present moment[…]

5 reasons why strengthening patient family partnerships is a priority

At AAMC, partnering with patients and families in a priority. But why? Some of the reasons are obvious – we want to give the best care possible and we need their insight and feedback in order to do that – and others are less so. Here are five reasons why[…]

  1. Carol Lacher: This article hits home for many of us and truly states the obvious of our care model. We are the…

2019 Quality Improvement Showcase

The 2019 Quality Improvement Showcase is being held on March 11, 2019, during Patient Safety Awareness Week. Click here to register Please remember that the  poster abstract deadline for the 2019 Quality Improvement Showcase is Friday, January 18, 2019. These abstracts will not be scored and will automatically be included[…]