August Journal Club: The Effect of a Neutropenic Diet on Infection and Mortality Rates in Cancer Patients

The Effect of a Neutropenic Diet on Infection and Mortality Rates in Cancer Patients: A Meta-Analysis Presenter: Rachel Lutz, BSN, RN Monday, Aug. 21, 2017 12-1pm South Tower, 2nd floor conference room Please join us to discuss this article: The Effect of a Neutropenic Diet on Infection and Mortality Rates[…]

Nominate a nurse for Baltimore magazine’s Excellence in Nursing survey!

If you know a nurse who stands out in their field, nominate them for Baltimore magazine’s fourth annual Excellence in Nursing survey. Winners will be featured in the May 2018 issue. Nurses from all areas of the hospital can be nominated for this award by anyone—peers, patients, or by themselves.[…]

What’s it like to join the PCT Clinical Ladder? Vanisha Franklin shares her story.

I sat in the lobby waiting for the invitation to come and sit before the Board. Did I do this correctly? What can I talk about for 15 minutes?  After this, then what?  I WAS SO NERVOUS!              With sweaty palms and a shaky voice, I went in and sat[…]

  1. Donna Demski, ACE: Vanisha, thank you for your great article and for taking the time to speak with and share your portfolio our…

  2. Irma Holland: Great post and recommendation for the PCT clinical ladder. I love how you pointed out additional benefits. Bravo.

  3. Barbara Jacobs: Vanisha,, what a great story and it really makes me proud that we were able to put this recognition program…

  4. Marita Kellers: Congratulations Vanisha! Thank you for being a pioneer and being an early adopter and advocate of the clinical ladder!

  5. Brittany Briscoe: Great article Vanisha !

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Congrats to AAMC’s newest Nurse Residency graduates!

(Pictured above from left: Katelyn Taylor (Oncology), Ramona Crone (HVU), Taylor Webb (HVU), Maureen Bertuna (ONC), Katie Simpkins (HVU), Nouran Zaharna (MSU), Jessica Wenck (ONC), Jillian Chaney (ONC), Ali Zentgraf (ONC), Christa White (NICU), Melissa Gilmore (4 MED), Kristina Holloway (ED), Kaitlynn Ford (JSC), Hayley Cramblitt (GSU), Jamie Clendenin (4[…]

AAMC’s High School Exploration Program encourages kids to consider a career in healthcare: “It’s literally the coolest thing I have ever done”

In an effort to inspire our community’s young people to consider a career in health care, AAMC started the High School Health Care Exploration Program. Now in its tenth year, the “camp” fills up months in advance — in fact this year, we received over 120 applications! Attendees, in many[…]

Sticky Fingers: A Reflection

These hands… I walked into work today and as I came up the stairs, there they were: a pair of sticky hand prints on an otherwise clean elevator door. They struck me. I thought, “How sweet.” Chris, a Patient Advocate, was there too, and together we looked at them and[…]

  1. Carol Lacher: Dear Amy, Thank you for sharing the most incredible blog about tiny hand prints. This was truly an amazing story…

  2. Karen McCamant: Dear Amy, As a newby here at AAMC (I am the new Magnet Program Director), I was particularly touched by…

  3. chris knight: thank you for sharing the pictures and your write-up....very touching....

  4. Trish from Endoscopy: What a beautiful message Amy and thank you for taking the time to inspire us all.

  5. sue: Your a kind soul with a gentle spirit Amy. Very nice observation and write up. Your advocacy for the little…

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Healthstream CE Center provides a “one-stop shop” for nursing education and record keeping

Anne Arundel Medical Center has just added a new, expanded CE Center! This CE Center, located within Healthstream, will replace the discontinued Nursing Spectrum CEdirect program. The Healthstream CE Center provides a “one-stop” for your educational and record keeping needs. The CE Center library will provide: CE Center is an[…]