Gerianne Fraddosio, RN, was awarded the John W. Gosselin scholarship last year. Check in with her and submit your own application today!

The AAMC Foundation Nursing Scholarship application is now available! The deadline to apply is February 13, 2017. Access the application at together.aahs.org/Departments/Nursing/. Here’s how Gerianne Fraddosio, RN, a nurse in Hospital Pavilion Operating Room, benefited from her scholarship: I am thankful for the John W. Gosselin Nursing Scholarship and am[…]

Tell us about the support you need — evaluate AAMC’s COPE program.

Please see below a quick survey to hear your feedback about our COPE program/team.  The survey will be open January 9- 23. During this time, you may see a COPE team member at the Southport cafeteria providing opportunities to complete the survey. This is completely anonymous, we can only see[…]

Patient writes of recent stay in ICU, “To say that I was impressed would be a total understatement”

A letter of thanks from a patient who has many kind things to say about the staff who helped him through his recent hospitalization. Way to go, ICU team! The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the outstanding care I recently received from the nurses and techs[…]

Family thanks ACE staff for care of loved one nearing the end of life: “They had taken the time to get to know him and found ways to comfort him.”

A letter of thanks for the ACE Unit staff from a family who witnessed, firsthand, the care and compassion offered as their loved one neared the end of life… We want to thank the nurses, techs and staff who helped our beloved family member. Thank you Heather Collier, PCT, Arianna[…]

  1. .Blessed to be working here with you all.: How kind and compassionate. You are such a blessing to so many.

  2. .Blessed to be working here with you all.: I feel so blessed to work with wonderful people. How kind of the family to take the time to send…