AAMC staff provide over 200 back-to-school backpacks to children in our community

Thanks to the extreme generosity of more than 50 departments, AAMC’s Community Service Initiative (CSI) was able to collect 202 fully loaded backpacks, along with gift certificates and additional school supplies for needy children in our community. Every child loves to start the school year with a little something new[…]

  1. Christine Frost: Well done CSI-so important for the children and families in our community. Every kid loves a new backpack with new…

Handmade Busy Squares offer tactile stimulation and comfort for ACE Unit patients with dementia

Hospitalization of individu­als with dementia is often associated with agitation and anxiety. This can be brought on by illness, change in envi­ronment, unfamiliar care providers, and inability to communicate needs, pain, and/or discomfort. Using items that engage patients from a tactile perspective has been shown to decrease agitation and anxiety.[…]

“Huddling up!” on Pediatrics

When huddles were first initiated in Pediatrics in the spring of 2015, it didn’t take long for staff to adapt to the new process. Since Peds staff use this valuable time to share important updates, offer suggestions for managing throughput, and help support each other during busy shifts, staff recently[…]

August Journal Club: Nursing Burnout and Intent to Leave Nursing

Nursing Burnout and Intent to Leave Nursing Presenter: Kristen Becker, MSN, RNC, Staff Nurse, L&D Monday, Aug. 15, 2016 12-1pm South Tower, 2nd floor conference room Please join us to discuss this article, Job demands — resources burnout and intention to leave the nursing profession: A questionnaire survey

NEW! Order farm-fresh fruits and vegetables for your family — then pick them up at AAMC!

Are you not able to make it to AAMC’s Friday Farmers Market? Missing those delicious, fresh veggies over the winter? Looking for all organic produce? We have a solution. Starting Wed., July 27, we are bringing the Farmers Market to you with the CSA Produce Box Program. AAMC is partnering[…]

  1. Charlotta Tur ner: //What time will pick up be today and where?

    • Laura Tenner: Pick up will take place on Wednesdays. Produce boxes will arrive by 9am and will be available for pick up…

  2. Myra: I think this is great! I will consult with my husband about this and I hope to take part of…

    • Laura Tenner: Thanks Myra! I ordered a box this week and was impressed with the quantity, value and freshness of the produce.…

Transition to new sensor pads and fall alarms begins the first week of August

The Inpatient Falls Committee is pleased to announce that, as of the first week in August, we will be transitioning from the use of the Posey chair alarm pads to the DeRoyal one person sensory chair pads and wall mounted chair alarms. There are multiple benefits of this new pad[…]

CNA Clinical Ladder info now on the Nursing website

For all our CNA’s who are ready to start climbing the Clinical Ladder, find helpful information on the Nursing website at www.aahs.org/aamcnursing. In the left navigation, click on Professional Development, then Clinical Ladder, the CNA Clinical Ladder. Currently, you’ll find the CNA Clinical Ladder Criteria and FAQs posted, but there[…]

Using music as medicine on the ACE Unit

There’s no question that music can help shift a person’s mood, calm stress-induced agitation, and stimulate positive interactions. And patients with dementia often respond well to music they are familiar with or music that brings back pleasant memories. The staff on the ACE Unit often use music with their patients.[…]

  1. Charlotte McLean RN: You ALL do a great job up there in ACE....!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nia Wright: WOW now that's innovation with caring compassion. Thanks for sharing.

Be counted! Complete the Nursing Workforce Data Questionnaire before July 30

By gathering information about AAMC nurses each year, we learn more about our team as a whole. We use this data to help us invest our resources, grow as professionals and meet the needs of our patients. Starting Wednesday, July 6, 2016, the Nursing Workforce Data Questionnaire will be emailed[…]