A Memorial Day tribute on HVU

“We don’t know them all…but we owe them all” This past Memorial Day, Heart and Vascular Unit nurse Kimberly McCarthy, BSN, RN, (a marine pilot mom and USNA sponsor mom) and the HVU team wanted to observe the meaning behind this special day. “Memorial Day is not a celebration, but[…]

  1. Christine Frost: This is such a powerful display, and I am sure it has a lot of meaning in this community for…

  2. Lally Heffner: Thank you for setting up this Memorial Day tribute. The symbolism is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. We really do owe them all.

  3. Geri: Great idea to do this in our work environment, Kimberly. Thank you for this tribute . Thanks to all who…

Former nurse/nursing instructor thanks ED and HVU teams for “meticulous, efficient care, where nothing is overlooked”

A retired nurse/nursing instructor wrote a letter of thanks to the teams who cared for her after an unexpected trip to the ED and admission on HVU (this is part 2, read part 1 here). What a reward it must have been to receive “meticulous, efficient care” from some of[…]

You “made her last days peaceful”: heartfelt thanks to the Oncology and Palliative Care teams from a patient’s friend

A letter from a patient’s friend who witnessed, firsthand, the care and compassion offered to her friend as she neared the end of life: I am writing to express my gratitude to the staff who took care of a dear friend who passed away recently. She was cared for on[…]

A patient who survived aortic dissection shares his gratitude and offers his advice for focusing on “the most important parts of our lives”

I recently received a special gift. It has nothing to do with money and property. Some will say it was a gift from God. Scientists will attribute it to probabilities. My brother, an attorney, and unsure about a higher power, says, “dumb luck.” I am also an attorney and consider[…]

  1. Colleen Crowe-Elville: Beautiful introspection on what really matters. I know you were most sincere about this. I am grateful you are still…

  2. Kristina Frischkorn: Thanks for sharing. Your words are very encouraging to all. Good luck with your recovery!

  3. Deb Keane: Thank you for sharing your experience! You made me cry and think.

The Nurse Effect: AAMC nurse Wendy Hooper featured on JNJDiscoverNursing YouTube site

Wendy Hooper, RN, OCN, who works in AAMC’s Outpatient Infusion Center, was recently featured on JNJDiscoverNursing, the dedicated YouTube Channel for the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future. In this video, Wendy’s patient, Colleen, shares about their relationship and how Wendy was instrumental in her treatment and healing. “(Wendy)[…]

  1. Brandy: The Nurse Effect is everywhere at AAMC! Congrats Wendy, You are a Nurse, and you are an inspiration!

Comprehensive Inpatient Diabetes Service Pilot Program

Program Overview and Services The Inpatient Diabetes Management Service pilot program involves a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of an Endocrinology provider (MD, NP, PA), Diabetes educator, admitting physician, and patient care team. A full-time provider will perform clinical consultations for complex adult inpatients with or without a diagnosis of diabetes who[…]