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Help us reach our goal of 100% participation — take the RN Satisfaction Survey today! There are only two weeks until the survey closes on Sunday, April 24 at 11:59pm. As of now 657 out of 1120 AAMC nurses have participated in the survey. The average unit response rate is[…]

Your smile for the day: an elderly husband and wife heal together

One of our nurses snapped this photo with permission after a husband and wife were both admitted — the 81 year-old wife to Oncology and her 85 year-old husband to ACE. The ACE staff would take the husband down to visit wife on Oncology, but noticed how sad he was[…]

  1. Deb Keane: I love this! What a wonderful demonstration of units working together to provide what is best for patient care !

  2. Kim Collins: Being the daughter of this couple - I can't thank the staff on the ACE floor enough for their devotion…

April Journal Club: Identifying Pediatric Emergence Delirium by Using the PAED Scale

Identifying Pediatric Emergence Delirium by Using the PAED Scale Presenters: Jennifer King, MSN, RN, and Michelle Lusby, BSN, RN Monday, April 18, 2016 12-1pm South Tower, 2nd floor conference room Please join us to discuss this article, Identifying Pediatric Emergence Delirium by Using the PAED Scale: A Quality Improvement Project

Be inspired! Check out AAMC’s Nursing Annual Report

We are pleased to present AAMC’s Nursing Annual Report for fiscal year 2015. Most of these stories were collected as we compiled AAMC’s successful Magnet® document; others reflect more recent events. Together, they showcase the extraordinary efforts of nurses in every part of our organization and at every level of[…]

  1. Tori Bayless: This is a wonderful report - chock full of accomplishments and a great blend of knowledge and caring. The patient…

  2. Betsey Lewis Snow: Simply an amazing team of nurses. What a beautiful reflection on the exceptional people and professionals caring for those entrusted…