Ever thought about becoming a nurse mentor? We’ll help train you! Sign up here.

Are you passionate about nursing? Would you like to help a new nurse grow? Learn effective communication techniques, how to embrace generational and personality differences, and the benefits of mentorship at AAMC. The Nursing Mentorship program provides our nursing graduates with an opportunity to build relationships with more senior staff[…]

Nursing Councils Report from January through March

Nursing Research Evidence-Based Practice Council Chair: Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN Co-Chair: Cheryl Briggs, BSN, RN -Journal Club: -Cathaleen Ley presented the new quality improvement bedside scientist grant at the December Power Hour and to the Nursing Research Council. As part of our ongoing effort to provide continued learning opportunities to Council[…]

Sharing our knowledge: PACU nurses represent AAMC at national conference

Last week, two of AAMC’s PACU nurses represented AAMC at the American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses’ 35th Annual National Conference. Jennifer King, MSN, RN, CPAN, Clinical Educator for PACU, and Michelle Lusby, BSN, RN, CPAN, Charge Nurse for PACU, joined over 2,000 perianesthesia nurses from across the country in Philadelphia,[…]

  1. rlinnenkamp: Congrats Jenn and Michelle. Great work! Kudos to the whole team on that project.

Take the RN Sat Survey — there’s still time to have your voice heard

Wow, 883 out of 1120 AAMC nurses have completed the 2016 RN Satisfaction Survey! If you haven’t… there still is time. The survey closes Sunday, April 24and we need to hear from all of you! Access it here: members.nursingquality.org/rnsurvey All eligible RNs received the RN Survey Code in a letter[…]

Helping our Helpers: When you’ve had a hard day, how do you COPE?

We have all had that especially hard day at work – when a beloved patient passes away, when there’s a conflict at work, when your to-do list seems unattainable, when you’re comforting a patient’s family but feel like crying yourself. As healthcare workers, we often rally, pushing our own feelings[…]

AAMC helps to serve over 400 community members during Homeless Resource Day

Homeless Resource Day is an annual County event helping those without permanent housing access the numerous services they need to become more self-sufficient and seek permanent housing. Services that might take a homeless individual months or longer to obtain are provided for free in one location. This year, Homeless Resource[…]

  1. Charlotte Wallace: Great job ladies!!!

“How do I thank you? Let me count the ways,” writes patient’s husband to ED and HVU staff

How do I thank you, let me count the ways. Recently my wife was admitted to the Emergency Department, having suffered a seizure and irregular heartbeat. Over the next three days she was taken care of by a group of extraordinary medical professionals. In the ER, Beth Hughes, RN, and[…]

Going back to school? Project Advance funds are available — access the application here.

The Project Advance (HSCRC) Grant Program is a career advancement program at AAMC that offers financial assistance and mentoring support for employees seeking a degree in the field of nursing. Review the Project Advance Guidelines here. Project Advance funds can be used to pay for tuition, books, and certain essential[…]

  1. Lisa Shoemaker: I am starting classes next month and wanted to know what other scholarships/grants are there that I can apply to…

    • Monica Mewshaw: Hi Lisa, Check here to view all the ways AAMC financially supports our staff who are going back to school:…