It’s Excellence Award time! Recognize a Nurse, Tech, Secretary, or Escort

Nominations are now open for Nurse Excellence, Tech Excellence, Patient Care Secretary Excellence, and Patient Escort Excellence Awards. Access paper nomination forms below or go to to send in a nomination by February 1, 2016. Patient Care Secretary/Customer Service Representative of the Year Award – Recognizes patient care secretaries[…]

  1. Anonymous: If it is intergirty, professionalism, loving and caring person, then you are speaking of Jackie Shanahan. Jackie is the nurse…

Nursing Council Reports for October

Nursing Research Evidence-Based Practice Council Chair: Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN Co-Chair: Cheryl Briggs, BSN, RN The October Journal Club was led by Denise Matteson, BSN, RN, CAPA, clinical educator, Edwards Surgical Pavilion, who presented the article, Does Post Anesthesia Care Unit Visitation Decrease Family Member Anxiety. The Journal Club meets on the[…]

Thousands of scholarship dollars to be awarded to AAMC Nurses in nursing school — apply here.

Established in 1990 as a memorial to Marlene Reiter, RN, a staff nurse at AAMC, the nursing scholarship program is designed to encourage and support AAMC employees who are currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Last year, the Foundation awarded 20 $5,000 scholarships! To be eligible for a[…]

Want to make a difference in the life of another nurse? Become a Nurse Mentor.

AAMC’s Nursing Mentorship program has been going strong for almost nine years now. Since its inception, about 300 nursing new grads have had the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and wisdom of their specially selected Nurse Mentor. The importance of an effective mentor simply cannot be overstated. The Nursing[…]

Patients and staff – nominate an extraordinary nurse for the DAISY Award

Do you know a bedside nurse who deserves special recognition? Now’s your chance to nominate them for a DAISY Award! Please make sure to include a specific story that illustrates how this nurse went above and beyond. What makes a DAISY nurse stand out? He or she: Demonstrates critical thinking[…]

Oncology patient marries the love of his life in AAMC’s Healing Garden

On a sunny November afternoon in AAMC’s Healing Garden, there were smiles and there were tears as Michael and Kelly Zanchuck became man and wife. Michael is battling cancer. During his most recent admission to the Oncology Unit, he and Kelly decided they wanted to be married. AAMC staff, including[…]

  1. Monica Mewshaw: Congratulation to the beautiful couple and their precious daughter.

  2. lynn Dorsey: Beautiful story!

  3. Jessalyn Barbour: Beautiful! I am blessed to work with such amazing people here at AAMC!

Honoring veterans among our staff, our community, and our patients

Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to recognize the bravery and service of all U.S. veterans. On November 11, AAMC held a special luncheon honoring all employees, medical staff, volunteers, community members, and military spouses who have served our country. Special guest speaker was Capt. David Jackson, US Navy. The[…]

  1. Sue Lee: How wonderful of the staff to recognize these special people on Veterans Day. I am sure it meant much to…

Doctors learning from nurses — how AAMC’s healthcare team is working together to improve patient outcomes

Recently, one of our Pediatric nurses, Laura Smith, sent an email to Dr. Michael Clemmens describing a new treatment for SVT that she had seen work successfully at another hospital. Laura explained how the procedure, called the Revert Trial (or modified Valsalva maneuver), was performed, as well as the benefits[…]

  1. Valerie Donaldson: Thank you Mike Clemmens for recognizing Laura's contribution. I have seen this kind of acceptance of new knowledge from the…

  2. Brandy Brown: Awesome collaboration and team effort to help our patients!!

  3. Michelle Piersol: Laura, thank you for sharing this knowledge! How fantastic patients may benefit from noninvasive therapy.