Bedside Scientists! Your applications due April 2 — more info here

The due date for submitting your Bedside Scientist Grant application for Nursing Research Council feedback is April 2, 2015. We request that all proposals be reviewed in advance by the Nursing Research Council in order to strengthen your  grant and increase your opportunity for being selected for funding. The final[…]

Props to Prep

We all know how important prep work is to any project. Whether it is painting, cooking or planning for a trip, the more careful and thorough the preparation, the more successful and enjoyable the end result. So what does this look like with our surgical and procedure patients? There are[…]

  1. Lynn Dorsey: Kudos to the PREP team. Hard working professionals!

AAMC’s Certification Social — check out the pics here (and read about Sherry’s challenge!)

Obtaining certification in your specialty area validates your expert knowledge and demonstrates that you are a leader in your field. At AAMC, we are proud to support our nurses in the certification process, as well as offer financial rewards for maintaining certification. Here are some quick certification social facts. Did[…]

  1. Saisa Neel: Dear Tori, Sherry, and Committee members, Thank you all for a wonderful celebration and generous gifts!

A letter to OPIV staff: “There is no higher compliment to be made other than to say that I trust them with my father’s life”

A beautiful letter from a patient’s daughter. She says it all when she writes, “You have made a difference.” Way to go OPIV team! My father has been going through chemotherapy treatment for the past two years at AAMC. During this time I have had a recurring thought of wanting[…]

  1. LAURA KUCINE: I am so very proud to be part of the OPIV family. I can honestly say the whole staff have…

  2. Geri: Well deserved praise for the OPIV staff and Dr. Taksey. Way to go ! :)

Do you know a special nurse? Nominate them for a DAISY Award by April 15.

Do you know a bedside nurse who deserves special recognition? Now’s your chance to nominate them for a DAISY Award! Please make sure to include a specific story that illustrates how this nurse went above and beyond. What makes a DAISY nurse stand out? He or she: Demonstrates critical thinking and decision making[…]

Enhance your professional practice and expand your skill set — anytime, for free

As an AAMC nurse, you have free access to CEdirect, which hosts more than 700 online, ANCC-accredited courses that can be taken from work or home! Podcasts, webinars, and written courses are all available to you 24/7. Last year, AAMC nurse completed almost 6,000 contact hours using CEdirect! Click here[…]

Thankful ACE patient writes in, “There was a feeling of ‘being of service’ rather than ‘being on the job'”

What an awesome shout-out to so many members of the AAMC team. When our patients see that we do what we love and love what we do, it clearly makes an impact. Special thanks to James Welker, M.D., Jaclyn Fowler, RN, and Melita Jones, RN. You make us proud! It[…]

“Together, let’s bring more to the table.” Bring your Food Bank donations to work.

According to the Anne Arundel Country Food Bank, 43,730 Anne Arundel residents are food insecure, unsure where they will get their next meal. During the month of March, in honor of National Nutrition Month, you can help feed these needy families by donating to the Anne Arundel Country Food Bank[…]