Always wondered what it’s like to work on another AAMC unit? Try the RN-RN Shadowing Program.

The RN-RN Shadowing Program went live on February 1. It was founded by the PNC to help strengthen our nursing workforce. Most of us work in one specific area in the hospital – this can cloud our view of how all AAMC’s units ultimately work together to provide excellent patient[…]

After 23 years at AAMC, a Foundation scholarship helped fulfill Denise Lyons’ “lifetime dream.” Learn more about scholarships here.

Denise Lyons, RN, a charge nurse in the ED, was awarded a Foundation Nursing Scholarship last year. How did it help her? She shares her story here: “I want my donor to know how much I appreciate their support and generosity. She was a longtime volunteer in our hospital and[…]

  1. Deb Keane: Way to inspire, Denise!

“Dedicated, hardworking, insightful, and an agent for change.” Jessica Campbell, RN, honored by Medical Staff

Congratulations to Jessica Campbell, RN, who was recognized for her Nursing Excellence AAMC’s medical staff at their annual Appreciation Dinner. Below, an excerpt  from her nomination. Read the rest here. Way to go, Jessica! Dedicated, hardworking, insightful, and an agent for change: These are just a few of the attributes that[…]

  1. Carrie Jackson: Congrats! What a fabulous person and nurse!!!!

  2. Sheri: Jess deserves this award, she is a great asset to the ED and an inspiration to all of us -…

  3. Deb Keane: Congratulations on th recognition Jess ! It is well deserved!

  4. Brandy Brown: Congratulations Jessica!!! You touch everyone you work with in a special way. I am inspired by you! Keep up the…