“The care I received was excellent,” says patient of ED & ACE staff. Special shout-out to Dr. James Welker & ACE nurses Jaclyn Fowler & Melita Jones.

When a patient takes the time to write a letter, we know we have made a significant impact on their lives. Way to go, ED and ACE staff, for “being of service”, as this patient writes. Your caring makes a difference! It is with pleasure that I write this letter[…]

Holiday stress busters, courtesy of AAMC’s COPE team

It’s that time of the year again and you are struggling to get it all done. You’re working hard, shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning and wrapping and trying to make it “the most wonderful time of the year.” There you are standing in yet another long line, texting the family that[…]

  1. carol Namo: Thank you for the tips. I will try most of them. Thanks enough for caring to post this. Deb, please…

It’s Laboratory Fashion Week. Are your tubes on the best dressed list?

The Lab gets about 70 samples each day with defective labeling. The most common issue is a label that is not straight up and down, snugged up by the cap. If a barcode reader can’t read the label, Lab staff must re-label the specimen before it can be processed. Unfortunately,[…]

  1. Kathy Evans: Kudos to the person/team that made this poster! What a fun way to communicate how to make the process work…

  2. Charlotte Wallace: Hilarious! Congrats on finding a fun way to re-educate on proper specimen labeling.

Coming January 2015: Start planning your Bedside Scientist project now!

The Nursing Research Council looks forward to formally announcing the call for proposals for the Bedside Scientist Grants in January 2015. You could be awarded $1,000 in grant funding to conduct an evidence-based quality improvement project or research study. It may seem far off, but NOW is the time to[…]

Becoming certified: That was easy! (And we can help with costs)

AAMC offers nursing staff the benefit of participating in the Success Pays and Take 2 Program, in which the hospital covers the fees required for nurses to take a certification exam up to two times within a 12 month period. Currently, 94 AAMC nurses are benefiting from these opportunities! For more information, contact[…]

  1. Rachelle Synoracki: I was so appreciative of this benefit when I was a full and part time employee. Now that I am…