“Honored,” “Proud,” and “Wow.” Our Magnet® site visit is complete.

Dear Nursing Staff: Our Magnet® site visit is complete.  Today, the appraisers spent time at breakfast and lunch with physicians, informatics, medical, and clinical support staff, as well as day and night shift nurses. They visited Outpatient Infusion, Rad Onc, PAT, Cardiac Rehab, Breast Center and askAAMC.  They reviewed Nursing[…]

  1. Lisa Hillman: As someone who has been associated with AAMC for more than 32 years, let me add my congratulations to the…

  2. Holly Greever: Thank you to everyone for the care you provide to patients, families and eachother. Excellence was evident during the three…

  3. Cathaleen Ley: Thank you to all Nursing Staff for showing the Magnet appraisers the excellent care we provide to our patients everyday…

Nominate a nurse for Baltimore Magazine’s “Excellence in Nursing” award

If you know a nurse who stands out in their field, the Baltimore Magazine wants to know about them, too. In their first annual “Excellence in Nursing” survey, they’re looking all over the greater Baltimore area for RNs who go beyond the call of duty, whether it’s in the ER,[…]

Welcome to our Magnet® Appraisers!

Welcome to our Magnet appraisers Anne Hammes, Deb Smith and Debbie Barnes! They have made significant tracks throughout AAMC — talking with staff, patients, and community members along the way. We hope they are developing a deep sense of the knowledge and caring that defines AAMC nursing. As one appraiser[…]

  1. Irma Holland: Thank you CEC, you Rock. So proud of the work you do everyday. I wish we had more time to…

  2. Pam: It truly has been an amazing experience. So proud of all of you!!

  3. Brandy Brown: See my selfie with Anne on @AAMCNurse!!! We welcome you and have enjoyed every minute!!

  4. Mary Beth Tubiolo: Welcome to AAMC Anne, Deb, and Debbie! We are delighted you are here so we can show you all the…

  5. Jenn Romero: Welcome Anne, Deb and Debbie! Hope you love AAMC as much as we do :)

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AAMC welcomes Maryland State Police for helipad safety event

  On July 16, Maryland State Police (MSP) brought MedEvac Trooper 2 to AAMC for a helipad safety training event with the Cardiac Cath Lab and ED teams who respond to STEMI (ST elevation Myocardial Infarction) calls. AAMC is a Cardiac Intervention Center, certified by Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System (MIEMSS).[…]

Let’s see your best AAMC nurse selfie

Dear Nursing Staff: The work has been done for our Magnet® site visit – it’s time to celebrate the opportunity we have to meet with the appraisers face-to-face, to allow them to get to know the nurses they have been reading about in our document. 1. So I’ve been told[…]

  1. Chona Hamrock RNC-NIC: Tweet your pictures to @AAMCnurse! #MagnetMoments #AAMC #nurses

Magnet® Monday: Our 7 day countdown begins (and what on earth is a 1980’s Sherry about to do in this photo?)

The Magnet® seven day countdown begins today! As the excitement continues to build, Sherry Perkins, AAMC’s COO/CNO shared this letter with staff today: Dear Nursing Staff: AAMC Nursing has a long history of excellent care to patients and families. We demonstrate that every day through thousands of points of care. July[…]